Should You Book A Professional Live Band For Your Event?

We can safely say that Soul Desire is one the UK’s leading soul tribute bands! Everything about the band is spectacular. The look, the sound, the playing, the singing, the audience participation – everything you could ever want in a band. Guaranteed to make your wedding, party or other event really successful!


Soul Desire: Your Wedding Solution

The guest experience at a wedding reception generally falls into one of two extremes: either thoroughly enjoyable or somewhat awkward. Receptions can be really fun or quite a drag and need great entertainment.

Almost everyone has gone to a reception party in which it seemed like everybody wished they were somewhere else. Time passed slowly as people awkwardly took trips back and forth to the bar or food tables and attempted to make conversation with distant relatives. Not a fun situation for invited guests nor for the special couple hosting the event.

While guests may not exactly remember all the ceremonial details of your wedding, they will definitely recall whether they had a good time at the reception. Selecting excellent live music serves as one method of assuring your guests have a great time. Soul Desire specializes in delivering a unique, energetic set of live dance and party music with this primary goal in mind.

Few live bands can provide the comprehensive range of live soul music and disco hits that we deliver. We specialize in Classic Motown and energetic 70s hits that everyone loves. Please check out some of our featured set lists showcased on this site. If your preferences are more specific, we would be happy to work one-on-one to craft a custom set list for your big day. We can easily accommodate all of your tastes within this genre, and we are also happy to play a long or abbreviated set list of the most classic disco hits.


Soul Desire has delivered live disco and Soul live music in a diverse array of different settings and wedding venues throughout the UK, from small to large. We are comfortable fitting in whatever physical setting you have in mind. We are similarly flexible with regards to your budgetary limits. Feel free to check out some of the testimonials featured on our site as evidence of our past successes. We always seek to exceed expectations, and frequently get positive feedback at the wedding from invited guests and hosts alike. Even better, listen to some of the audio samples on this site and watch some of the available videos.

Soul Desire feeds off the energy of the guests at your wedding. While we love to play soul tribute music and deliver disco hits no matter the circumstances, nothing compares to performing in front of an energized crowd of wedding guests. There are few things comparable to soaking in the positive vibes from an active audience. We pump out the energy with our soul hits, and a positive cycle of enjoyment builds as we receive feedback from our audience. Nothing can compete with his feedback cycle, and we uphold delivering a positive guest experience as our highest goal.

Please give us a call today. If you prefer other communication means, fill out the contact form and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible. Traditional disc jockeys may indeed be a little cheaper, but there is no way they can deliver the same sort of experience we can provide with our live, party music. Nothing beats the energy and excitement of live music.

We are wedding musicians of the highest caliber and take our craft seriously. After hearing our soul music, your guests will be disappointed when the reception ends. Ultimately, they will be sure to leave with a smile on their face and happy memories of the wonderful reception and great dancing they enjoyed in celebration of your happy day.


Remember Soul Desire are not only available for weddings, they are very experienced at all type of corporate events both inside and outside.

From a small office party to the biggest New Year or Christmas party, or any other corporate events we will supply you with the very best in Live Music.

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Hertfordshire Weddings, Parties and Corporate Entertainment

A wedding is a very special occasion that many people want to make as memorable as possible. Live hertfordshire bands with bands for hire hertfordshire is becoming a more popular option. Let’s take a look at some reasons why people are taking this route for their wedding day.

One of the benefits of this type of wedding entertainment hertfordshire is that the guests will be able to get visual entertainment along with the music that they will hear. The last thing you want is for your guests to be bored! Having live hertfordshire band music, will really add to the guest’s experience of the whole day and leave them with long lasting happy memories.


The music that a hertfordshire wedding band will play is also likely to be better quality than the pre-recorded music that is heard from disc jockeys. This is because the wedding bands hertfordshire can be very specific when it comes to adjusting the settings for the sound that they have and they want it to be absolutely perfect. If they do not sound great they will not get the great reviews that they want that will help them get other jobs at a later date.

A hertfordshire soul band also have their own people that look after all the lugging of the equipment that they use. This can help give the bridal party some relief as they will be able to concentrate on other things that they have to be sure are done for the big day. With so many things to do this is a huge issue to know is under control whether it is actually corporate entertainers hertfordshire or hertfordshire cover bands.

Themes are a common thing when it comes to weddings these days. Depending on the theme you choose there may be tribute acts in hertfordshire or a pop band hertfordshire, that can match it that can perform at the wedding. This can make the wedding even more professional when it comes to the way it looks as well as create a lot of lasting memories that everyone will cherish.

A funk band hertfordshire or a hertfordshire party band are also known for being able to get the guests involved in the occasion in other ways then just dancing. They may know of games and other fun things that are done that can make all of your guests feel like they are a special part of your day. This can only add to the pleasure that your guests will have at your wedding.


The ability to hear bands playing live music in hertfordshire before hiring them is another thing that the happy couple like about the idea of having a hertfordshire function band perform. This can be a way for them to know exactly what they are getting beforehand. Be patient when going through the audition process as you want to find just the right thing to make your day even more special.

When looking for live bands hertfordshire, try using the internet to help you find those that are close to the area you live. This can make things a lot easier for all concerned when the big day comes. You can also find out about pricing that bands in hertfordshire charge when on the internet. Many of them are not that expensive as they want to become more popular so others will hire them. Be patient when looking through the options and be sure you choose only the hertfordshire bands for hire that you really like.

Please also consider having a live band for any bigger events such as corporate or even outside festivals. An experience corporate entertainment band will add so much more than a DJ ever could.

From a private party for just a few workmates to a massive event for your whole company why not hire an experienced corporate band playing the absolute best Live Music.


Incredible Advantages Of Hiring A Live Essex Wedding Band

Have you thought about essex live music? A wedding is among the most beautiful events in a person’s life. No one could disagree. It marks the end of loneliness and the beginning of a wonderful life with the love of your life. What could be more fantastic than a wedding? It is a dream come true for any couple. It is, important that you get everything right on your wedding day and bands for hire essex is a great place to start.

One of the things that must be given top considerations is booking a function band essex. Selecting the right kind of music for your wedding is an incredibly important thing. The majority of people will just randomly choose a DJ even without exploring other available options. If the wedding dress, the cake and the venue for the reception will be planned in a meticulous manner, why not pay enough attention to the music? There are a huge variety of tribute bands essex to hire.

Whether you like it or not, music will be the backbone of your wedding. This explains why you are better off choosing band hire essex. By the time you become man and wife, you will be happy to have considered a live party bands. Let us consider other significant benefits of choosing a live essex band hire for your upcoming wedding.


1. live bands in essex has everything needed to make a crowd go wild with singing and dancing. If this is what you would love to witness at your wedding, start shopping around for the right wedding band. Live music is so powerful that, even attendees who hardly know each other will feel comfortable to the extent of getting up and dancing together on the dance floor. They have some sort of infectious energy. Clearly, you don’t want to be the only people on the dance floor, at your wedding party-things couldn’t get any worse.

2. Live tribute bands in essex are known to make a more dramatic presentation. They come in with vocalists, musicians and all those critical musical instruments.

3. Live live music essex usually cater for the guests who don’t want to dance- for varying justifiable reasons. Even if they don’t get to the dance floor, they will still be entertained as they watch the live show. It is usually very relaxing and fun as well.

4. A combination of unique personalities on the stage brightens the atmosphere of the wedding. This is what a live essex band does. The musicians have varying personalities which when combined appropriately, will make your wedding more beautiful than you have ever imagined.


5. A wedding day is all about emotions. The very first reason why you and your partner will be joined together started with emotions- how you feel about each other. It is about love, unity, the desire to be together and happy. In that regard, when thinking about your essex bands for hire, consider something capable of bringing out all these emotions. And what a better way than settling on a essex cover bands? Generally, live essex music bands are more sensitive than other available options such as the DJ.

6. Your wedding theme is of utmost importance. On that big day, everything should revolve around your theme- from the dresses, to the cake, the décor and the music as well. Hire bands in essex and it will have the potential to quickly and successfully mimic your wedding theme.

Don’t give yourself the opportunity to regret the wrong decision about your choice of entertainment essex after your big day. If there is any event that can’t be repeated, it’s a wedding. Even if you decide to renew your vows, it cannot be the same as the very first time you say ‘I do’. With this in mind, it is paramount that you give everything your best. Liven up your wedding with the right live soul band in kent. This is one of the decisions that you will never ever regret.


Advantages of hiring a band essex for a wedding.

A wedding is one of the most special occasions in a person’s life. When organizing one, you will try to make it as special as possible. You will go for innovative ideas that will make the occasion special and remarkable. To that, certainly you should consider hiring a soul essex function band which will perform live music to make the party extra special and a huge success.

Before you think about essex bands for your event, the first thing that you should keep in mind is that the band should be one that is able to play music of all kinds. This is because a wedding party is attended by people of all ages. These people gather to bless the couple getting married, share their moments of joy and make the party livelier. So the essex soul band should have music for all.

When you book a motown band essex they will also play diverse kinds of music. Highly experienced in performing at weddings, the live essex wedding bands will play the slow romantic numbers to set the mood of the party. A good wedding party band will begin the party with soft music just as a background for the chit chats and after that progress towards playing music that will include the hits of the yesteryear to the recent chart-busters and dance numbers.

There are many choices of wedding band essex.  Musicians playing live essex music will be able to provide all your needs. It will start the performance with slow-paced tracks that are soft and will allow the guests to converse among themselves. The band will slowly build the mood for the guests and get their attention by playing chart-topping hits or romantic numbers one after the other and playing their requests as well. Thus, once the guests are involved with the party, it is a hit.


when you get a pop band essex, you may ask the wedding party band to play the favorite songs of the bride and the groom. During the first dance for example if the bride and the groom get to hear their favorite song being performed live, they will surely feel special. Also, a love ballad being played live by the band when the bride is walking down the aisle and at other special moments like when they are declared to be man and wife and then kiss each other, will bring tears of joy in the eyes of the guests.

The band, will play music in accordance with the theme and this will help to highlight your theme. Whatever the theme is, a beach wedding party or a wedding with a fairy tale theme, a soul band essex will do wonders to it. People who attend the party will talk about it for years, such will be the success of your themed wedding party.

Hire the essex wedding band only after checking out what it can do. Hire the best band that falls within your budget. With the band choice finalized, sit with them and discuss the play list, the special moments like the first song etc.

Choose a wedding bands essex which suits your kind of music and which is within your budget. Sit down with members of the band and discuss with them the kind of music you want. Make a list of songs that you want to be played at your wedding. Set out the sequence of the songs; tell them about the type of guests attending your wedding. The band’s management will work with you to make your day the best possible!


Hiring A Live Music Band For A Kent Wedding Party

Disc Jockeys are often the first choice of brides when planning their wedding, but another consideration might be bands for hire kent for wedding music instead. Live kent bands can add a whole new level of ambience to a wedding or function versus a DJ playing pre-recorded music on a sound system.

Sometimes couples choose to go with both, and a DJ plays music for the dancing later on in the evening, and a band plays throughout cocktail time and when food is served. This can be nice to have some smooth jazz or a jazz vocalist performing without being overly loud or being a specific song that people may or may not like. The mood will be set with some soft tunes, and a live tribute acts in kent is much more pleasant to listen to over a disc jockey. Sometimes you’ll see this at corporate parties as well.

Live music kent can bring so much more to the table and can be way more engaging than anything else. Depending on the singer or band leader, your guests might even feel as if they’re at a live concert. Bands can get people up and moving with interactive activities, especially if they play classic soul. Your guess will really enjoy themselves.

Different music styles lend themselves better to the live environment. A rap and R&B themed event might be better off using a deejay, but for rock, country, big band, or Latin music. Live bands in kent is a great idea.


To hire a band kent isn’t hard. Ask friends, family, and co-workers for references, use internet sites geared towards brides and weddings, and bridal fairs are also a good place to meet bands and hear them perform without even making appointments. If you have never heard them, ask for a video or compact disc so you can get an idea if they are a good fit.

When you decide on a kent function band, make sure you have a written contract. If they don’t offer one, insist on it. A good contract will protect both parties if anything strange occurs at the event. Most kent cover bands have band hire kent insurance. It’s good to ask if they have that as well. When you find your venue make sure they have adequate power and an area for your band to play. Some kent band hire require a lot of amplifiers and this can be problematic in some situations. Communicate all environmental variables to the band ahead of time so there’s no surprises. Also, try to help any band you hire by sorting out ahead of time where the will load and unload their gear.

A lot of kent bands for hire will work with you on the kind of music you want played and give you a playlist of songs they know. It’s not always best to try and plan out each song you want them to play, but it’s okay to give a bit of guidance. You have to trust that the corporate entertainers kent are professional entertainers and they will make good song choices to keep everyone interested.

Hiring a kent wedding band for wedding music doesn’t have to be difficult and can be a great way to make your event one that no-one will ever forget.

Marshside – Have A Great Celebration – An Expert Live Band

There are a variety of alternatives from which you can select function Marshside bands from, as per your party’s style. Say, for a wedding function, there are varied choices for you to select from.

You may prefer to have a fall wedding with a c and w function Marshside bands for hire, or if wish to have a totally from package experience, then you can also hire a reggae Marshside band for a themed beach wedding, or a Mexican music Marshside band for a Mexican themed wedding event complete with a Mexican hats and the platter.


If it is a wedding event celebration you are setting up, book a Marshside band that plays expertly in wedding events. These wedding event Marshside bands can change any wedding into and amazing affair that individuals would remember in days to come. The wedding event Marshside bands would start to play with sluggish and soft music and let the audience to settle, bring on discussions or be presented. Marshside in Kent Oasis Party Hire.

Where can you work with a live Marshside band, Actually, in any celebrations you wish to. Be it a wedding event party or an anniversary or other such functions. It can be corporate or a reunion celebration and even a goodbye party. It can be other functions like birthdates or a party devoted to someone’s success. For functions there are devoted Marshside bands like the wedding Marshside bands, which perform expertly in wedding parties. There are other such Marshside bands like the tribute Marshside bands or the decade Marshside bands that perform in these formats in their own styles.

The cost an individual needs to sustain on these Marshside bands depends upon the variety of artists in the Marshside band and the time for which they need to play.

After selecting the Marshside bands you prefer for your event you have to take a seat to go over the details with them.

If you wish to spend some less cash, its much better to go for less artists then go with a DJ or bar Marshside bands. Marshside in Kent Audie Priebe.

There is another context where the term business Marshside bands are used.

When a big business indication on and makes a deal with an internationally renowned music Marshside band as their ambassador or for numerous branding and promotional activities, the music Marshside band is described the corporate Marshside band or the Marshside band face for that brand.

There are numerous Marshside bands for hire today for all your occasion planning requirements.

Discovering Marshside bands for hire is not so hard, you can discover them by calling occasion organizers, Marshside band booking representatives, the classified, the yellow pages and using the online online search engine.

There is one last indicate be kept in mind after you lastly choose on which Marshside band to employ. It is the logistics. Check out the location with the need list of the Marshside band and check if whatever is offered. Take a look at for the parking space allotted for the Marshside band, the dance flooring, the stage area facility etc and do check if the venue has the essential licenses for live music.

The primary goal of a celebration is that your guests must delight in the time spent in the celebration. Therefore, winding up with a college acid rock Marshside band, or any wrong option for that matter can destroy your celebration right away.

For example, when you choose function Marshside bands for hire and get a rock Marshside band for your parents’ anniversary or a classical music Marshside band for your kids’s celebration, will eventually result in a total catastrophe. Therefore, choice of the Marshside band is a major element in the procedure of functions Marshside bands for hire

Look for live Marshside bands for hire in the web or the yellow pages and you will get great deals of names and numbers. You can likewise get some contacts from your good friends and relatives. If you are picking the Marshside bands from the web sources be sure to speak with then first and examine out if they are specialists or not.

If you wish to get away with the labors of discovering the Marshside band, get an occasion management firm to do it.

Snargate – What Is The Rate Of Working With A Party Band

A celebration, especially that of a wedding event, requires music. If you are preparing the wedding event in a big method and desire to make it different, do not go for recoded music and even DJs. It is time to think about live music due to the fact that with a live Snargate band wedding event celebrations have actually the much required glam factor included to them.

Check with the Snargate band concerning its requirements. Quick the Snargate band in advance what you desire so that there suffices time to choose the play list. Additionally, see to their logistical requirements at the location like power supply, proper stage area and parking area, and so on

It may be rewarding to use an agent.

While an agent does take a portion of your money, he can just do so if he really gets you jobs that pay you in the first place. So, now that you’re a Snargate band for hire, there’s simply one last thing to think about. How do you feel about travel, The more cities you play in the more people will have the ability to hear your music.

If you are planning a gala wedding event celebration, choose a function Snargate band that specializes in weddings.

These wedding event Snargate bands are specialized to play in weddings only and can handle the scenario in the most best way. Not only do the play developing up the tempo of the party, but also these Snargate bands are expert sufficient to sing the ideal song at the ideal moment.

A versatile wedding celebration Snargate band will play diverse sort of music. High experienced in weddings, the live Snargate band will play the slow romantic numbers to set the state of mind of the celebration. A good wedding party Snargate band will start the party with soft music just as a background for the chit chats and afterwards development to playing music that will consist of the hits of the yesteryears to the current chartbusters and dance numbers.

After list the Snargate band sit with them to talk about the type of tunes that resemble by the birthday man as well as rundown them regarding the profile of visitors going to the party so that they my have the ability to play songs accordingly. Sit with them and complete the tunes and the tune series.

After the real activity of cover Snargate band hire, see whether the location has the correct license or not. Also checkout the sound limitations of the venue where the celebration is being set up. See that there are proper plans for loading and dumping of the instruments. Finally sit with your music Snargate band and choose the songs which are to be played in the celebration so regarding make it a sure smashing hit amongst the visitors.

Book a Snargate band from the internet or Yellow Pages. You may likewise call them from references received from buddies or ask an occasion management company to get one for you. Complete just after interviewing them and seeing the video of their past performances.

To provide an additional special impact to the party you are tossing you can choose function Snargate band hire.

function Snargate band Hire for that reason is basically working with of Snargate bands that dip into birthday celebrations, private parties, wedding events, anniversaries, business events and numerous other parties. So it can be said that the expression function Snargate band hire implies hiring of Snargate bands to play at celebrations to make the party special and unforgettable.

Lower Halstow – A Live Band Is The Response

Regional Lower Halstow bands are likewise discovered to be event particular. That is, wedding Lower Halstow bands, corporate Lower Halstow bands, etc are present who master these specific functions and thereby excel in accommodating the particular needs of such events. Eg wedding event Lower Halstow bands are really flexible and can play popular numbers from the ’60’s to the latest for the pleasure of all family and friends irrespective of the age group they belong to.

Ask the Lower Halstow band how they are planning to dip into the celebration and provide your concepts. Merge them to obtain what you want. The final play list and the total preparation has actually to be done jointly with the state of mind of your party being understood properly by the Lower Halstow band. Check every aspect ahead of time so that there are no last minute modifications.

Lastly, make certain to talk to the place if they have the right license to host live Lower Halstow bands. Settle all the problems ahead of time and take pleasure in a peaceful but fantastic party which will certainly end up being the talk of tinsel town in the days to follow.

After the wedding Lower Halstow band is employed, sit with them and inform them about exactly what exactly you want. Inform them to improvise up on it and settle the program after your approval. Be in touch with the Lower Halstow bands relating to the unique songs and the favorites. Be sure that the Lower Halstow band is able to deliver to the requests made by the guests. Likewise, know the Lower Halstow bands requirements and arrange them out in advance so that there no work left on the big day.

Hence this wide choice causes a market of fakeness. Hence before investing in a music Lower Halstow band or a live music hirement one need to take adequate details about them.

They can begin by looking for wedding event music Lower Halstow bands on the internet, yellow pages, tv recommendations, music journals and newspaper for their popularity and performance. They can also have a look at the feedbacks and online reviews of this Lower Halstow band websites. Expert websites or social networking site page with videos, clippings are of great deals of aid.

The Lower Halstow bands to hire from are of various categories. While the business Lower Halstow bands are the right option for corporate parties, there are wedding Lower Halstow bands that concentrate on playing at wedding. Each specialized Lower Halstow band therefore is experienced to play at their location of practice and may turn a normal event to a really special one.

Your wedding Lower Halstow band has the power to dignify but lighten the mood of the occasion. After ensuring it’s safe and legal to work with a Lower Halstow band at the location you have actually chosen, keep your eyes broad open and look for the right one.

You must shortlist the finest Lower Halstow bands then attempt calling each of them separately to make the decision.

If it is a celebration you are setting up, why not go for live Lower Halstow bands for hire, With live music your celebration will be a remarkable one for sure and your pals and visitors will love it. Not just the glam aspect will stimulate, there will be a particular sense of overindulgence too.

With expert Lower Halstow bands in your party, not just you will have excellent music however a fantastic party too.

If the wedding event Lower Halstow band is an expert one, it will work out slow and soft numbers when the guests are in the state of mind of discussions and will play dance numbers when the people are ready to move their body. Thus, the wedding event Lower Halstow band will set the very state of mind you require for your party. The Lower Halstow bands will also play the brides preferred tracks or the visitor’s demands throughout the wedding event celebration.

Your celebration will be in all reds if you book a Lower Halstow band to play live music.

There will be vibrancy, there will be glamour and there will be the satisfaction by the visitors.

So whatever be the type of the celebration you are tossing, book a Lower Halstow band to have live music performance. Might it be a wedding event or an anniversary, birthday party or a goodbye, a live Lower Halstow band will do wonders to it. Lower Halstow entertainment for wedding

But the option always depends on the hirer or the event supervisor or the individual for whom the party is being hosted. Hence based according to the individuals’s options the party Lower Halstow bands are categorised as rock, pop, swing, death metal, blues, live acoustic, funk or other classification for this music category. celebration Lower Halstow bands can also be categorized as ballroom, disco, Soul or Funk Dance Lower Halstow bands. So if there happens to be a common zone of crowd forming fan of a single music star then that party can be devoted to that music star through a live music Lower Halstow band.