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Function Band Hire

Function bands are live music bands that perform in various kinds of functions like those of weddings, birthdays, corporate events and other private parties to make them extra special and give them a personal touch. The term function band hire thus refers to the hiring of such bands to perform at your function.

The first and foremost thing in function band hire is to check with your venue whether at all they have a music license or not. If they do not have this, then live bands will not be allowed to play at their premises and knowing this fact at the last moment may ruin your function completely. Incase they have all the required permits, enquire about the sound limits if any.

The second factor is searching for the right band. Thus, in case of a function band, hire the one from referrals. This is the best option since that means your friends or relatives have heard them playing and the quality is thus known. Other sources include yellow pages, internet, event management companies and the like. In case of net sources, be sure to check their official website for video clippings, fan reviews etc. You can also call up the venue they have played at to get an unbiased opinion.


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Function band hire as compared to a music genre band hire is all about selecting and hiring a live music band that specializes in your kind of function. While music genre bands on the other hand are such as rock bands, pop bands, gypsy funk band, etc, function bands are wedding bands, corporate bands and the like which cater to a particular function.

Thus, as an example, in case of a wedding band, hire a group that is versatile in its song selection and performance. Since a weddings ceremony hosts family and friends belonging to different age groups with varied tastes in music, a performance boasting of diversity and versatility showcasing music from the ’60’s to the latest pop chart toppers is much required and here comes the role of the specialized function band for weddings, who knows exactly the right mix so that there is something for everybody.

You will see that a function band hire is always more expensive than hiring the local pub band or a DJ. But it must be noted that quality wise the function bands are of course superior, not forgetting the fact that they have all kinds of back ups in hand in case of any last minute glitches. Moreover, compared to pre recorded music as in the case with a DJ, a proper live music band performing surely adds class and style to your function.


essex wedding band

Thus, after the initial line up, short listing, initial discussion about the kind of music they play and the charges of the function band hire the one that suits you and your function the most. Thereafter, sit with them to chalk out the final details. Give them a complete idea about your function and your guest profile and what you want to be played. Then jointly decide on the final play list for the D day.

After all has been planned for, lastly see to the logistical details required. These include the power supply at the venue, stage space, dance floor and a highly overlooked factor but nonetheless important the parking space for the music band for easy loading and offloading their musical gears. All set and done, sit back and relax while waiting for the D Day to arrive which would no doubt be a grand success and the talk of the tinsel town for days to come.

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Imagine yourself in a beautiful white wedding gown, with a bunch of white orchids in hand walking down the aisle with your best man to meet the man of your dreams with a beautiful heart touching romantic malady being played in the background. Sounds like a romantic movie scene? This is what a live band can create for you in your most special day of your life.


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In today’s times, one needs anything and everything to be customized, having a touch of themselves, their personality. If you are reading this article, chances are that you are not one of those who organize or want to host a party in the typical mundane way, but want it to be different, extra special. If your party is all about expression of yourself, then what better way than to have a live musical extravaganza to do it?

What a live band can create in your function or party is like what the magic wand did to Cinderella and her pumpkin. It creates the entire ambience as you want it to be, adding the touch of class and style to make the event extra special which will be the talk of the town for days to come and will be remembered by all your guests.

Coming back to where we started from, suppose you are having a beach wedding. The ambience if full of fun and frolic, colourful, bright and full of life. A Hawaiian live band churning out dance numbers, is what gives the beach wedding theme its life.


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Again, suppose you are having a fall wedding in an old barn. Your décor is complete with the fall colours, pumpkins and fall fruits everywhere. Your family and close friends will remember the tribute band for John Denver’s country music that will sweep them off their feet at your party.

A friend reunion or a colleague get together? Platter of mouth watering snacks to go along with a live band performing psychedelic rock, live acoustics or blues, as your taste may be. What better way is there to enjoy your evening with your old school friends?

Thus, be it a corporate event, a product launch celebration, a private party for celebrating your promotion, a car rally win, or even a birthday party, a live band performing the latest chart toppers, or a dance punk band churning out mind blowing electronica, beats the concept of a DJ by far. Live music is that magic wand that creates and changes everything compared to any form of pre-recorded music.


cheap wedding bands essex

As a conclusion it can be said that, hiring a live band to perform at your party is a great idea if you want the party to be an expression of yourself. Look for the band in all the right places, search for it, sit with the short listed ones, select the final one and discuss your party, your guest profile, what you want to be played or more importantly, how you want your party to come out. Jointly decide on the mood and ambience to be set and the final play list to be played. Everything decided and arranged well before hand, sit down and relax for the grand finale which will be the talk of the tinsel town for days to come.
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