Hiring the Right Wedding Band To Add Value to Your Big Day

The church is booked, the flowers organized bridesmaids at the ready, what will you do differently that will take your wedding from a mere good to incredible? That answer to this is to hire a live band of course!

When starting out on your search, it might seem like everyone one in the world is in the wedding band industry. There are thousands of acts and performers out there each peddling their brand of classic covers and ‘unique’ interpretations. To help narrow your search you should think about what genre of music you want first off – are you after a generic ‘play a bit of everything’ band or something more specific and unusual?

Try not to be too self-indulgent though it’s your wedding. You will want to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all your guests: even if you think late-nineties rap metal is the best thing since sliced bread, will great-aunt Edith rock out to a Linkin Park tribute band?

Check Them Out.
Once you have decided what you want and have looked up a few bands online (or in our directory), you should, if you can, get out and see your first choice band live. There are many acts out there who advertise themselves as a live ‘band’ but are in fact just a singer or two belting them out to an accompanying backing track.

Being able to perform live – as opposed to on a recording – is a totally different skill for a band to master and you will want to make sure they know what they are doing. If they don’t have many upcoming gigs or are playing too far away for you to see them you should ask them to send you a video of a recent live set or rehearsal. Make sure the sound has not been overdubbed however as you will want to get a true idea of their live abilities.

Tell Your Venue.
It is critical you inform your venue of the music arrangements. You will want to make sure they are licensed to play live music and that their license stretches late enough into the night. You do not want to be told that you can only play live music before 6 pm after you have paid the band their deposit.

You will need to work closely with the venue on the logistics of where the band will be set up (do they need a stage?), how and when they will move all their equipment in, what their power requirements are and how to meet any riders they may have. Communication is the key to ensuring there are no nasty surprises on the day.

If possible give the band the contact details of someone at the venue so that they can discuss access arrangements and technical requirements directly. Information can often be misinterpreted or mis-communicated when you have to act as a go-between.

Perfect Timing.
It can be tricky working out when you want the band to start and how long you want them to play for. Most bands will have done plenty of weddings before so you should ask them for their opinion or advice on what they think works best. The band should also be able to tell you what their set times and structure are; normally this will be something like three 45 minute sets or two 60 minute sets with a half hour break in between each.

You will not want to keep your guests waiting around too long after the meal, speeches, cake and coffee are all done for the entertainment to start. An hour at most should be enough for people to relax and chat before they start to get restless. If you have no other entertainment or activities planned you should look to get the band up and playing as soon as possible.

The band will probably want to do a sound check before they start playing so try to usher your guests to a part of the venue where this will not be heard.

Get It in Writing.

Make sure you get a contract with the band agreed and signed before you hand over any money. This should cover the date and time you want them to play, the amount to pay (and how and when to pay it), the length and structure of their use, how many band members there will be and any riders they require. The more detail you have down in the contract, the less chance there will be for any surprise or disappointment on the day. It will also give some recourse against them should anything go badly wrong.

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What You Should Know Before You Hire a live Wedding Band

Live bands at weddings are a great source of musical entertainment – let’s face it what can be better than talented musicians performing live on stage?

Do you play in a good band and have you ever considered offering your services as wedding entertainment?

Weddings provide a high level of income for you and the band and also give your client the “wedding couple” live entertainment that will make their special day go out with a bang.

More often than not the bride and groom will have a few favorite songs they would like to hear you play so you should be prepared to communicate with them and take requests even if this involves learning a few new tracks for the occasion. They may, for example, want a certain song for their first dance.

A good performance can pay great dividends for any band as follow up gigs may follow from others at the wedding. So be prepared to carry with you a few information packs of the band in case a guest wishes to contact you in the future.

Getting these wedding gigs is no easy task. Sign your band up with a local agent, they can be found online or in the yellow pages. Create your own website or social networking page. On your page you should have some demo songs or videos, testimonials, a list of up and coming gigs and a point of contact.

Remember to include the cost of the whole deal when putting together a fee for your appearance. A band performing at a wedding can usually double the fee they would normally receive for a pub gig due to the extra preparations needed and the length of time on stage.

Once the bookings start coming in you will need to keep on top of your diary entries. Wedding bookings are often made months ahead of the wedding itself so by maintaining an up to date diary of gigs, you are less likely to double book. Prior to agreeing a gig, you need to know about the parking facilities at the venue and how easy setting up and packing away your somewhat heavy equipment is going to be. You will also need to check on the size of the stage to ensure there is enough space to accommodate the band and its gear.

Overlooking simple things like whether or not the venue has a live music license and it is fitted out with sufficient power outlets to accommodate the instruments can cause all manner of problems for a live band so particular care and attention should be paid to all the details, in order to get things just right.

When you will hire a wedding band wedding ceremonies are bound to get extra special. Even the themed wedding ceremonies will be more enjoyable with live band highlighting the theme, may it be an Arabian themed party or a beach wedding, livelier with the right blend of music.

Picking a wedding band can be tedious. To eliminate that valuable time think of some as alternatives in advance. What sort of music do you want? Many wedding bands play a variety of music and that is exceptionally useful however in the event that you and your life partner to be are both into jazz, that is the way to go. Do you want a band with a front man? Perhaps you simply like to have delicate, inconspicuous music out of sight of the occasion. Having a couple instruments ought to cost not as much as a full band with a lead vocalist.

Book your band as early as conceivable. It may be a smart thought to sign your band to a contract to avoid being outbid for the date by another wedding and guarantee there is no disarray about the date, time, and place. Attempt to invest enough energy with the front man so he knows about the important names and presentation he should make. Audit the play rundown and make beyond any doubt they realize what to play and when. Most professional bands will be utilized to your attention to detail and understand that it is so important to you.

When you have the band booked, go over the final details with them. By what means will the individuals be dressed? Lay out exactly what course they can take when setting up and departing. Give the leader of the wedding band with a rundown of the names and announcements he or she will make. Make beyond any doubt they are clear on the best possible pronunciation of troublesome names. It may be savvy to set up particular hand signals for sudden changes in the scene.

Finally, after the arduous process of listening to demos and interviewing potential candidates. When the dust begins to settle and you have made the final selection, it is time to sit back and enjoy how special a professional wedding band can make this wonderful day.

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