Soul Desire is a band to hire which specializes in all types of functions such as weddings, parties, anniversaries and corporate events. They are one of the best bands to hire for weddings in the UK! Any event where you want your guests to have fun and enjoy themselves! They play classic songs from the 60’s and 70’s that everybody knows and sings along with, as well as more recent hits.
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Good news for couples! There are a lot of options which you can do to have a good memorable wedding. The bad news is that almost all of them will ask you to shell out a big amount of cash so if you are in a budget, consider yourself jinxed. But there are actually wise individuals who are aware that they can actually perk up the quality of the celebration without the need to spend a lot and among those options is hiring wedding bands.

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So how do you hire wedding bands?. Some people would think that booking bands are not a necessity, they may be right. But consider the fact that they are there not just to give music for the event, but they will set the right atmosphere for the occasion to ensure fun and excitement during the big day.

You have a choice whether to hire a band that merely plays background music to give all of your guests the chance to socialize with one another or you might wish to get one which will liven up your wedding with the help of dance and party music.

To ensure that you hire wedding bands that are going to be perfect, make it a point to check whether they can play the music from the 1950s and up to the present excellently. Remember that you don’t want to get several cheap bands for hire to play for your event hence you must be sure to get something that is “multi-tasking”, as they would say.

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Most bands for hire have a set song list but are usually happy to learn one or two new songs that the bride and groom may request as long as you give them sufficient notice. This is something that needs to be discussed when you hire bands initially.

As much as possible do not skimp on the cost. Although you would like to save, but you for sure would not like to hire just any band out there because you should rather settle for the best band hire.

Although you will discern that hiring bar bands comes cheaper than hiring professional wedding bands, but you should go for big bands for hire that are well acquainted with the wedding crowds because the audience here is different than those you find among pubs or bars.

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It is important to hire bands for weddings that have deputy musicians lined because you never know what may happen on the day. Hence in case an unfortunate case takes place, at least they will have people who can take their place to pursue with your event. In view of this, you must request when you book bands that they give you some information about what they will do in cases when one or two of their members got sick before the big day.

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When you are booking bands, talk to them personally about these details so you can get honest and straight answers. Also, talking to them face to face will allow you to scrutinize them properly and the bands for hire will know that you are serious enough to mean business.

Weddings are the most memorable events in any couples lifetime. Many people nowadays prefer a themed wedding, they would want everything to perfectly fall into its place. Avoid disappointment when it comes to the choice of music by ensuring you hire bands for weddings, to play maybe during the reception or the entire ceremony.

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Perhaps the music was a bit wacky and did not compliment the theme. Its important to note that the choice of music can solidify your wedding theme a lot. Wondering whether to hire a live band or Djs for your wedding? Well you should give it some thought and avoid the embarrassment of a spoiler during your colorful ceremony.

Although a wedding is entirely an issue of budget and your overall taste, money issues should not bar you from choosing to hire a live band. Its a lifetime opportunity that you should make as memorable as possible. Avoid cheap bands for hire as a quality live band booking offer a set cost for hours of music play although you can still request for an overtime and agree on the payment terms with good bargains.

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Big bands for hire are quite dynamic and distinctive. You have the freedom to set the tone for your reception music. Whether you fancy the glamour of a big band or a medium surf music live band. What really matters is your selection. You need to hire a band that has the right collection and style that you need. Need I say that band hiring for your reception is also pretty traditional! There are couples who adore traditional themed weddings a lot.

Well a live band hire is just -live,  both the couples and guests will experience the rare pleasure of a live performance. Band leaders can double up as MCs at your wedding reception and interact with guests on the dance floor and carefully select the music.

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You can look at your guests list and the numbers and determine the size of bands to hire that you need. Furthermore the instruments you would want to be played, composition and balance are factors you can easily have a say on when it comes to hiring a band. A band is a group of professionals and professionals are open to your preferences.

Suppose you have your list of songs you don’t want to hear at your once in a lifetime event. You can clearly state it before you hire a live band. So you don’t have to worry about hearing a “Macarena” that can ruin your entire wedding ceremony.

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The way a live band delivers their music especially big bands usually has a rich ambience than Djs. Do I have to mention the vibe? From a bit of funky grooviness to an exciting” kick-off your shoes and lets dance” vibe. When you decide to choose bands to hire for weddings, everyone at the wedding will be entertained.

To find a band to hire, what you should remember to do is to see them in action by attending the rehearsals or even ask for their playlists beforehand. Hiring a live band can be a bit more expensive, but they offer good standards and a variety of live music performance that Djs would not provide. Satisfied with what you heard? To complete the band booking, you may go ahead and have a session with the band leader and agree on details of your contract.

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