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Essex Wedding Party Band and Corporate Entertainment Bands in Essex

Soul Desire are one of the most amazing soul tribute bands around! The band has been established for over 10 years and is made up of some of the finest professional musicians and singers in the UK. In booking them for your event, you can be sure it will be a huge success! Soul Desire specialise in all types of functions such as weddings, parties, anniversaries and corporate events. Any event where you want your guests to have fun and enjoy themselves! They play classic songs from the 60’s,  70’s and 80’s that everybody knows and sings along with, as well as more recent hits. Wedding, Function, Party Bands for Hire in Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and beyond! Just ask and we will do our best to get to you wherever you are!


I Will Survive

Whatever the size of your event Soul Desire will ensure it is absolutely perfect! From the smallest bar to the biggest stadium Soul Desire always go down a storm! Why settle for a DJ when you can have real live music!

Car Wash

Soul Desire specialise in all types of functions such as weddings, parties, anniversaries and corporate events. Quite simply any event where you want your guests to have fun and enjoy themselves will be transformed with a live band!

I Feel Good

Why not make your event really special? There is nothing like a live band to make an event really special. From the moment they come on you know you are in for a treat. All of the songs you know and love performed from the heart – and Soul!

Blame It On The Boogie

Soul Desire love to interact with the audience and get everyone in the party mood and up on the dance-floor! Every song is guaranteed to get everyone dancing and singing along. Have a fantastic event with Soul Desire.

We Are Family

All of our musicians are talented professionals. Each one of them is an expert in their field. You may even forget this is a tribute band. Listen to the songs you love being played live and even surpassing the original version!

Lady Marmalade

They play classic songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that everybody knows and sings along with, as well as more recent hits. What is your favourite decade? Just let the band know and they will focus on whatever decade you want!

Hot Stuff

A wonderful experience – you won’t want it to end! Hit after hit from the 60’s right through to the present day. Love a particular decade? The 70’s? The 80’s? Just let the band know and they can work with you to get the set how you want it.


Having Soul Desire perform at your event will transform it from being just ‘Ok’ to being ‘Mind-blowing!’ With everyone dancing and singing along it really will be a spectacular night to be remembered by everyone for years to come!

Soul Desire are one of the most amazing soul tribute bands around!


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Creating Indelible Memories Of Your Wedding Day With Live Bands For Hire Essex

Weddings are among the most celebrated ceremonies in the world today. They are occasions whose memories are treasured long after they have taken place. Making this one special day a success requires meticulous planning. One of the focal points of a reception is the weddings segment. The quality of music played in your special event is as important as any other part of the wedding, hence the need to explore the different options when choosing.

For maximum fun and entertainment, a live music band should be the quick solution to your needs. The atmosphere created by live musicians cannot be duplicated by any other form of entertainment.

Apart from bringing a touch of class and sophistication to your wedding, a live music essex band will ;

Co-operate With You

Unlike hiring a Dj who just plays music from a recorded collection, a live band is composed of people who you can actually communicate with. This gives you a chance to create the exact atmosphere you desire by tailoring your set list of songs. The essex covers bands can also adapt and change the mood of the wedding taking place, going down, picking up, slowing down or building a tempo as required.

Talent Showcasing

A common characteristic of a wedding function band essex is to impress audiences with its talents. This will ensure that your guests are kept well-entertained throughout the wedding. Live bands put a lot of energy and work hard by playing their best as this is what they do. Since they know the kind of music they play very well, they have an actual connection to it.


Wherever you choose to have your wedding, you will not have to worry about where to get essex live wedding music. They are everywhere and since this is their job, they are readily available if you seek them out. There are live essex bands all over the internet and this saves you the expenses you would otherwise have incurred in hiring a Dj and his tools of work.

Entertainment with essex covers band

Having your guests seated all through the ceremony even with music playing is a big no. You will want this day to be lively and fired up. The secret to ensuring a full dance floor is a live essex dance band. These are professional local bands essex entertainers, who will have your guests on their feet within no time. This form of live entertainment will make the ceremony more lively and memorable.


A live band is a team of people who have performed in various events hence are experienced. They are able to advise you when you need to maintain some type of style depending on the different types of guests. An essex soul band will mix tunes seamlessly and keep everyone happy. Their live music has a unique touch as it has probably never been played before in the exact order-this gives you wedding day an out-of-the-ordinary feel.

Memories are priceless. Creating your own on the most special day is made possible by hiring a live essex motown band. Before you hire, find as much as you can about several before making your final choice.

Create Priceless Memories With A Live Wedding Function Band

A live wedding band from essex can make your party a unique experience for everyone attending. Music is such an important element of the day and helps to create the right atmosphere at the venue of your choice. You want your special day to be memorable and so selecting bands in essex can have many advantages in this respect.

A major advantage of choosing to book bands from essex is that it acts as a point of focus for your guests. Musicians can inject comedy and entertainment into the event. Not all guests may enjoy dancing, but everyone likes to watch a performance and be entertained. The band can inject energy and enthusiasm into things and provide something for everyone.

Another advantage is the sound quality of live music. It can cope with the acoustics of wedding reception venues and usually sounds more professional. Professional essex musicians can tailor their sound to suit the event and can achieve a harmonious balance between not drowning out the conversation and maintaining audibility.

An essex party band can work with the theme of your wedding which is another major plus. Often people choose to develop a theme for their party be it 1920s jazz, country or punk through to Scottish folk music and tribute acts in essex can complement this by specializing in the genre of live musical entertainment that you want to use. If you can imagine it then they can play it.

Another aspect is that the band can be auditioned well in advance and can even be seen performing live. With this in mind, event planners can make informed decisions about the right band for them. Often local live essex musicians will offer a personalized service and work with you to select the best combinations of songs to complement your chosen theme and incorporate something to suit all tastes.

A live wedding band will take care of all technical support so that you don’t have to. They will provide the equipment, transport it to the venue and set things up freeing you up to plan other projects for the day.

As well as taking requests the private party band essex can also change the tempo to suit the needs of the guests so the first dance between bride and groom might call for a slow pace, while the pace can be adjusted and tailored to needs throughout the event. When guests get tired the band can slow it down a notch and when guests get merry the band can invigorate the audience.

Traditional dances and group dance routines are easier to organize under the instruction of the musicians. There is also less worry about a break in the music as the essex corporate entertainment bands can keep playing and entertaining throughout the event and will sound a lot better than canned music.

Everyone wants to have a unique and memorable party and hiring a live wedding band is a great investment and will have guests talking about it for weeks and years to come. Considering the cost of a wedding, a band is a small fraction of this overall price and will provide structure and enjoyment for all.

Why You Should Definitely Hire A Live Music Band For Your Wedding

There is no denying that music can make or break a wedding ceremony. It is the heart and soul of a wedding reception and can send the guests home with happy feet. To provide the music, organizers can either hire a disc jockey or find a live band from essex. Given the dominance of DJs in the wedding industry, not many couples utilize live musicians. Below is a look at the advantages of hiring a live music band for a wedding.

A notable advantage of a live music band is versatility. Irrespective of which music genre the couple prefers, professional musicians have the required training and experience in their craft. This means they can add a lively atmosphere to a wedding with the live music they play. When you hire bands for essex, they can really make the wedding day memorable. Live music offers a more emotional experience to the couple’s big day and to the guests. Nothing resonates better for them than hearing their favourite melodies on a keyboard as they walk down the aisle, or a live guitarist playing their first dance during the reception.

The best soul tribute bands for essex is much more interactive. This is because the musicians can interact with guests at the wedding ceremony and the couple’s loved ones, making it a fantastic entertainment experience. They also make the entire ceremony fun. Musicians from essex love to play and have fun. For musicians, nothing provides more joy and passion than sharing their talents with wedding couples on their special day. They all love to entertain, with the emotional connection they provide with their music and performances making the ceremony even more special.

Most music bands have a lot of experience in playing various genres of music at different events. This means they can come up with a seamless set list that is unique to the wedding couple. In addition, the live music band essex members can advise the couple if a wide range of genres has to be played. It can be quite difficult to keep everyone happy when there are many different groups of guests from different generations.

There is no better way to get the guests dancing and having a good time than with the best upbeat live music essex. Live musicians will help get the guests -individuals that probably have never met one another before- feel comfortable, get them to mingle on the dance floor and dance their hearts out to soul and motown. What’s more, if you book an essex band for your party, their playing is a much more classy way of starting the evening. The guests will always remember this novel kind of entertainment, making it the talk of the couple’s family members and friends for weeks to come.

Given that there are hundreds of live party music bands from essex in any given area, the first job for the couple is to draw up a shortlist. It is advisable for the couple to see a certain band play live prior to hiring them for the wedding. This will ensure that they are as good as they appear to be. If a band performs only at private functions, it is a good sign since they have sufficient work not to be on the pub and club circuit.

Bands Wedding 2

For a function band essex wedding ceremonies are opportunities for performance where one can make some money, network with probable future customers and most of all entertain your clientele with a large variety of music, swing them with your diverse tunes. You will be able to show all your talents in front of an audience comprised of different age groups. If your band performs according to the choice and time of the client the band can get a good deal.

For booking wedding entertainment essex, the reception and Wedding ceremonies are a decent opportunity to make some money. Nowadays people who plan their weddings try to add a personalized touch to the occasion. They spend to make their ceremony a bit different from others.

When booking bands for hire essex the wedding ceremonies can provide the chance of a lot of diversification of music. Special songs for the bride and groom are the need of the hour in these wedding parties along with other chart toppers or oldies. Since the turnout at any wedding has different age groups, for the music bands wedding ceremonies are a chance to show the up.

Again, for the essex bands for hire, the ceremony is a challenge because there is the need to create the proper mood for the ceremony with the variation of live music. While some weddings will require soft music to be played in backgrounds allowing conversations among the guests, other clients may like the idea of having party toppers being played and dances on the dance floors with the live band in performance.

The song selection should also be lined up with the theme of the wedding as nowadays, there are weddings at beach, at special days or times etc. The essex music tribute therefore becomes an integral part to lift up the theme and connect with the guests. It might even happen that the wedding is taking place in an old farmhouse with western themes and for the corporate essex bands wedding as such should have country style music. The bottom line is your band should play music in accordance to the theme to make the themed wedding a success.

A number of cases have been observed to find out that requests are made to the bands to play specific tracks on specific times. While the bride is walking down the aisle or the groom is kissing the bride, special music, romantic or any other according to the taste of the client is required. For live essex bands corporate party moment like such are required to be dealt with emotional touch and bringing out the sentiment with selected music tracks.

For professional bands entertainers for essex corporate events, a wedding with a theme requires a proper play list which will tag along to the theme. There should be songs covering decades and there will be requests from the audience which the band has to fulfil. This needs proper rehearsal and professionalism on the band’s part.

It is of no doubt that for bands wedding ceremonies are important. The essex corporate entertainers can showcase themselves to a wide array of guests, and some of who may be their future clients. Such performance will eventually highlight the band’s career in days to come.

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