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Have A Fantastic Day – 70s Soul Bands Hertfordshire!

It is your parents’ 25th anniversary and you plan to throw a party to celebrate it. You are really trying your best so that your parents’ not only enjoy this party but also have it engraved in their memory for their entire life. In fact, it could be any function or event that you wish to celebrate for that matter. The party should be such that not only you but even your guests enjoy it to the fullest and talk about it for days to come. The secret to achieving this is going for hertfordshire dance bands.

Having funk music hertfordshire is obviously an intelligent decision on your part when your sole aim is to make your party enjoyable and see to it that your invitees to have a great time. Best part is that these bands will be able to take in requests from the guests and play their favourites which if you would have hired a DJ, might not have been possible. Moreover, DJs mostly play prerecorded music which can never match up to the experience one has with live hertfordshire soul bands.

There is a wide range of options available from which you can choose the type of hertfordshire dance bands you want as per the occasion as well as theme of your function. Say for example, it is your wedding, and you want it to be a specially themed one. Whatever be the theme, a fall wedding, beach wedding, Arabian or Mexican themed wedding, the décor, attires and platter will not be able to enliven the theme without a live music band churning out numbers corresponding to your particular theme.


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A funk band hertfordshire is also a very good option when you are planning to celebrate something like your parents’ wedding anniversary. These bands help people travel down the memory lane by playing songs of a particular decade. The decade will be of course your choice. Not only your parents’ but even the invitees specially the old pals of your parents’ will surely enjoy every bit of the party and it will bring forth visuals of old times in front of their eyes. Even when you plan to hire soul band hertfordshire for celebrating your school or college reunion, decade bands are a good option. For a children’s party Children’s Entertainer is a viable option.

The sole aim of throwing a party is to celebrate an occasion with your near and dear ones. Therefore, selection of a hertfordshire soul band when you decide to go for a dance bands for hire is highly significant. This very selection has the ability to make or break your party. Like for example, if you hire a classical music band for the party celebrating your child’s birthday or a rock band for your grandparents’ anniversary, then your party will surely be remembered by all, but of course for the wrong reasons!.

Your friends and relatives are a great source of references when you hunting for dance bands for hire hertfordshire. They would certainly give out the band names which they have heard and enjoyed previously and also could help you to get a fair price while you go for hiring one. An event management company is also a good option if you want to delegate the responsibility of hiring the correct hertfordshire soul bands for your party.


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When you have selected a funk soul band in hertfordshire, it is time for you to have a meeting with them for explaining crucial aspects like the kind of party you are having, the profile of your invitee list, the mood you want to create and the kind of songs you have in mind. If you have decided for a theme for your party then do mention them about the same. Allow them to come out with a list of songs for the party to get your approval for them. Also, make the hertfordshire dance band aware of any last minute changes. These may be small details but are necessary to ensure the making the party great.


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Do not wait for the last minute, contact your funk soul band from hertfordshire and ask them whether they would require any particular arrangements for performing on the day of the party. It could be the arrangement of the stage, power supply for the instruments or for that matter anything. This small endeavor will avoid any last minute rush and result in a smooth flowing of celebration on the day of the function.

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It could be said that listening to pre taped music is a little like hearing dead music, as the whole encounter, the whole soul of the music, is essentially missing. From all the research study that has actually been studied by the greatest researchers,  live bands in hertfordshire, music is so powerful it can affect your mind.

When you listen to the music you love live with a live pop band hertfordshire, it puts you in a great mood wonderful feeling whatever may have happened in your life. There are lots of different methods which you can use to play your favourite music. One of these is to play a record of your music as a cd or mp3.

The ease of access of this technique is the factor behind its appeal. Another technique where your preferred music can be listened to is by going to a live gig being performed by a hertfordshire soul band or solo artists. Going to a live funk music session in hertfordshire will leave a favorable effect in your life and you will remember it afterwards for a long time – perhaps even for the rest of your life.

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