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hire band hertfordshire

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hire hertfordshire band

Hire a Live Band 1

This season you want to give a party and want it to be ‘the party of the season’. What would you do? Invite high profile guests, ask the best caterers to provide the best food and wine, arrange for a wonderful venue and that’s it. Or there is something else you are forgetting. There should be music. Not just a DJ churning out pre recorded techno or remixed versions. Hire a live band and make the party from good to grand.

If you hire a live band to play at your party, the whole environment changes and the guests love it that way. The hip shaking music make them cheer with joy and dance through the night. Ecstatic is what they become when the music of their request is played by the band. Emotions get higher and the nights become longer and finally the guests talk about such parties for years to come.

Where can you hire a live band? Actually, in any parties you want to. Be it a wedding party or an anniversary or any other such functions. It can be corporate or a reunion party or even a farewell party. It can be any other functions like birthdates or a party dedicated to somebody’s success. For functions there are dedicated bands like the wedding bands, which perform professionally in wedding parties. There are other such bands like the tribute bands or the decade bands that perform in these formats in their own styles.


hire hertfordshire band

Even if you plan to hold a themed party you can hire a live band. For instance, you can have a Mexican Fiesta party with guests wearing Mexican attires, Mexican Hats, d├ęcor and Mexican food and you need to hire a live band to play Mexican or Latino music. Your party is now a complete one with the band playing Santana or Ricky Martin or Shakira.

Where do you get to hire a live band? Try the internet search engines, ask your friends and relatives, look up at the Yellow Pages and you will get tons and tons of numbers and names. There is also the event management company to ask to. Be sure to interview them first and go for hiring or else you will end up with some amateur college bands which have just started out and can not deliver professionally.

Call the bands up, listen to their suggestions, what they can do and can not and then hire. Try to hire a live band which can play to the request of the audiences because it is very important for the party’s sake. If the band reciprocates the feeling of the audience, your party is a hit, otherwise it’s just the same as other parties or recorded music being played.
hire band hertfordshire

An important point to be checked out while arranging for the band is that to check up the venue if they have the necessary license to host live bands. Also check pout the power supply, stages and dance floors because you will be needing all of these.

When every thing is arranged double check and then you may rest. Your party is going to be a success and you know it is going to be hassle free one.
Live Bands for Hire 1

You are planning for a grand party in the months to come and you want to do something different, something creative, something which will make the guests exalt. There are many ways to do it. Invite all the high profile people of the town, have a fashion show in the party or plan an event which will make the guests dance with joy. In other words get live bands for hire.

If you arranging live bands for hire, the party will be all colors and lights with the guests requesting songs to the band and the band reciprocating the requests. The atmosphere will turn electric and people will by themselves hit for the dance floor. Any party with such interactions is a hit and yours will not be an exception.


hire bands hertfordshire

Live bands for hire come in different forms. While some are function bands specialized to play at wedding and other such ceremonies, some play music according to genres, some play music according to decades like that of fifties or the sixties. There are live bands which act as tribute bands too. These are bands which play music of legendary bands or rock or pop icons. When you are arranging live bands for hire, pick the correct type of band so that your party gets the fullest from them.

Live bands for hire are perfect for themed parties. If you are having a beach party, a live band playing Reggae music will match perfectly with the Saturday evening full of sea breeze and over flowing Jamaican rum. There are other themed parties like Arabian Themed party or Mardi Gras Party where any good live band can do wonders to the mood.


With Live bands for hire, you can plan the most successful reunion party ever. Hire a decade band to play the hits from your high school days or hire a tribute band to take the stage with Dylan’s hit or that of the Pink Floyd. You will receive rave reviews from your nostalgic friends.

There are lists of live bands for hire in the internet search engines or in the Yellow pages. You can also ask your friends and relatives for contact information about the bands or get hold of an event management agency to do so. If you are going by the internet results, try to pick the bands that have their own websites and their performance can be reviewed by downloading videos from their sites. There are a lot of bands, and you definitely want the wrong one for your specialized party, do you? So it is better to call the bands up and interview them too.


hire hertfordshire bands

When you have finalized the live bands for hire, discuss with them the play list or details regarding their requirement like power supply and stage of the venue and fix things up. Later there won’t be any running around at the last moment.

Enquire with the venue if they have the right license to hold live band performance. This is infact something that should be done well beforehand. All set, you can have a enjoyable and peaceful party when there is no more stress for you.

Band Wedding 2

If you are planning a wedding party at your home you must be doing it meticulously. There are a lot to plan like fixing the venue, caterers, the menu of the dinner and also the music. You may go for recorded music to be play or even hire a DJ but keep in mind that if you plan to spend a bit extra, you can have live bands to play. With a live band wedding parties become extra special


When you go for hiring any live band wedding parties achieve the glam factor. The guests enjoy the music especially when the professional band interacts with the audience and even plays the requests made by them. The party becomes lively and enjoyable. Good music brings forth nostalgia amongst the guests and there is an emotional fever spread through the party.

With a professional live wedding band wedding ceremonies are rechristened and evolve as special affairs. The wedding bands slowly and surely build up the tempo in a perfect manner. A good band would start with slow and soft tracks in order to have the guests introduced and converse amongst themselves. The special moments would be backed up with lovely romantic songs and when the ceremony is over and it is party time, the band will gear up to play dance hits and make the guests shake their hips on the dance floor.

By introducing a live band wedding ceremonies become an affair to remember. But again, you should choose the right wedding band and professional one too. Any unprofessional outfit may spell disaster to your carefully planned party. So when you are choosing the band it is needed to check the credibility and experience of the band. You can hire bands through the internet or from the contacts in the Yellow Pages. You can also ask the event management agency to find a wedding band for you.


It is for sure that when you hire a live band wedding parties get spirited but again you need to plan that as well. Sit with the band that you have finalized and brief the play list you have made. Let the band improvise on that and come back to you for the final play list. Check whether the band has ability to play requests outside the play list.

It is true that with a live band wedding parties do turn in to a glamorous affair but again you have to reciprocate the bands needs in advance. You need to check the parking lot of the venue for the band’s instruments to be unloaded and loaded. You have to check the stage facility as well as power supply set up for the musical instruments.

Do check with the venue in advance if it has the facilities needed by the band as well as license to host live bands. The license part is very important and should be checked in advance since if you found out at the last minute that the venue does not have the necessary license to host live bands then all your plans will go down the drain.

With all set and done it is no doubt that the wedding will be an grand affair to remember. Moreover with all the things done in advance, you can actually sit back and enjoy a completely hassle-free, last minute hiccup free gala wedding ceremony.


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List of All the Towns in Hertfordshire we visit:- Ashwell, Baldock, Barnet, Berkhampstead, Bishop’s Stortford, Borehamwood, Bovingdon, Buntingford, Cheshunt, Chorleywood, Codicote, Cottered, Harpenden, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, Hitchin, Hoddesdon, Kimpton, Knebworth, Letchworth, London Colney, Nasty, Pirton, Potters Bar, Redbourn, Rickmansworth, Royston, Sawbridgeworth, Shenley, St Albans, Stevenage, Tring, Ware, Watford, Watton-at-Stone, Welwyn Garden City.

Hertfordshire is well-served with railways and freeways, offering good access to London. The biggest sector of the economy of the county is in services.

The county’s landmarks cover lots of centuries, ranging from the 6 Hills in the brand-new town of Stevenage constructed by local residents throughout the Roman duration, to Leavesden Movie Studios. The volume of undamaged middle ages and Tudor buildings goes beyond London, in locations in well-preserved conservation areas, specifically in St Albans which includes some remains of Verulamium, the town where in the 3rd century an early recorded British martyrdom took location.

Hertfordshire (often shortened Herts) is a county in southern England, surrounded by Bedfordshire to the north, Cambridgeshire to the north-east, Essex to the east, Buckinghamshire to the west and Greater London to the south. For federal government statistical purposes, it is placed in the East of England region.

In 2013, the county had a population of 1,140,700 residing in a location of 634 square miles (1,640 km2). 4 towns have between 50,000 and 100,000 locals: Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Watford and St Albans. Hertford, when the main market town for the medieval agricultural county, obtains its name from a hart (stag) and a ford, utilized as the parts of the county’s coat of arms and flag. Elevations are high for the area in the north and west. These reach over 240m in the western forecast around Tring which remains in the Chilterns. The county’s borders are around the watersheds of the Colne and Lea; both streaming to the south; each accompanied by a canal. Hertfordshire’s undeveloped land is primarily farming and much is secured by green belt.

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