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Live Bands Are Crucial To A Great Day!

Performance of live bands in a party, for any celebration, anniversary, birthday or it could be any celebration for that matter, is like a cherry on a birthday cake. It adds style, and also by bringing in a band you could make a statement that will make you and your party the talk of the town. But, one of the main deciding factors while hiring these bands is the type of bands that you should select for your party.

There are different types of live bands. To make things little clearer, you can classify live bands by two methods. The first way is to classify live bands based on the kind of music they play like country music, hard rock or soft rock, punk, jazz, heavy metal, live acoustics etc. The second way is by the kind of functions or events, like wedding parties, birthday anniversary etc., in other words any kind of private parties to which these live bands cater to.

The professional live bands which perform solely for wedding ceremonies or parties specially design their performance as per the defining moments in the wedding. They even arrange or list out the songs as per the wedding theme. The bands with their performance make the wedding ceremony more lively and enjoyable injecting the spirit of the wedding within the guests. The live bands usually start off by playing slow music party just begins to let the guests settle down and converse amidst themselves.




Thereafter, the music gets rolling as per the various precious moments the bride and groom go through, like exchanging the vows, the priests declaring them as husband and wife, after that the newly weds kiss, all these are special moments which are made extra special by the romantic ballads that are played by the bands. Then beautiful music follows when the bride dances with her dad, which is then followed by a dance with her husband. This eventually gets the tempo going and now little faster music is played as the guests also starts joining the newly weds on the dance floor.

Sometimes, functions or events are organized to commemorate a great personality like for example Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley. So, live bands are hired by the organizers of these events to perform live the songs as well as the mannerisms of these great personalities for paying tribute to them. So, live bands coming for a tribute of Michael Jackson will play only his music and for Elvis Presley, solely the songs sung by him.

A performance from live bands in your office party, for which you had the responsibility of organizing, can make you an instant hit among not only your peers but also in the eyes of your boss. There are bands which perform in corporate events only. Therefore, the kind of music they select for playing is keeping in mind the corporate audience. Moreover, as these bands also take requests from the audiences to play their choice of songs, therefore, it is a point of attraction among everybody.




Even live bands go a long way in making a theme party successful. Let’s say, you want to throw a party in the Mexican style, so you request your guests to dress up in the appropriate attire complete with Mexican hats and all. Now, on your part you arrange for the décor, furnishings, dresses and the food in the Mexican style. But it is only when a live band performs Mexican music when the theme of your party comes alive.

After you have decided on the kind of live bands you are hiring, do make it a point to take a note of their requirements for the day of the performance. The lighting arrangements, the power supply, the kind of parking space required for getting down their equipments from the car etc. The most important thing is to check with your venue mangers whether they have the required license to host a live band or not.


Wedding Band – Why It Is So Important

The savoury dish of your wedding will remain incomplete without a garnish of music, of a Wedding Band. Yes, it can make the special event outshine and leave memories you’d like to recollect time after time. You want the best for this special occasion – the best location, best caterers; don’t leave out the melodies! Go ahead and choose a great Wedding Band to make it unforgettable for those who were with you that time. The great music will enliven the atmosphere and everyone will enjoy the party.





Your wedding will have a variety of attendees – young friends, middle-aged colleagues and even slightly old relatives. A live mellifluous renderance will beautify the event. A superlative Wedding Band will play the choicest hits from the ’60s till date and captivate the attention of your guests for 3 blessed hours.

An unplanned wedding may be a host to disasters. Make sure minor emergencies don’t end up as major embarrassments. Always hire trustworthy Wedding Bands. Many a time, DJ’s and pub bands fail to turn up and impress the crowd. To be on the safer side, hand over all these heavy responsibilities to an event management company. It will completely plan your wedding for you and provide a fantastic Wedding Band- but, all good things come at good price!

Other ways of tracing good performers you want to hire is by checking out the internet, asking obliging relatives and friends and scanning the yellow pages. If you plan to take into service a band that seems interesting online, make sure you carefully go through the reviews and try to find videos of their performance too. The truth is that seeking someone your friends have recommended is a safer option. Why? Because it’s a certified, tried and a true Wedding Band which will not fail to impress or dare to distress your esteemed guests!




Take care of the nitty-gritty’s. Verify whether your wedding venue has the license and permits for Wedding Band performances. Find out if there are any restrictions on time and sound volume. Remember to resolve any unsolved matters that unexpectedly arrive. If your wedding preparations are good, the event will be a breeze!

Your Wedding Band has the power to dignify and yet lighten the mood of the event. After making sure it’s safe and legal to hire a band at the venue you have chosen, keep your eyes wide open and search for the right one. You should shortlist the best bands and then try contacting each of them separately to make the final decision.

In the videos you watched or the recommendations you received pick out the eye catchers and meet them personally. In the meeting, discuss your plans for the evening, explain the variety of young and old guests that you shall be hosting and ask them to prepare a list of tunes they’d like to jam that day. According to the budget set aside for music, the Wedding Bands can create a concept and then talk you through it.



Whichever provides the most striking ideas and is sure to be able to carry them out on a big event is the right Wedding Band to choose. Carefully organize the remaining plans and you are set to have a very merry wedding!

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