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office party band hertfordshire

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Local Bands 3

The music bands that you find in your locality, which you can hire for performing at your wedding ceremony, corporate functions or any other event, are called local bands. They can be used to celebrate occasions such as promotions, graduation, sports win or to celebrate the birth of your first baby also, so as to make the day special and unforgettable.

You can hire local bands on the basis of the music they play. If u ever have a reunion party with friends who are mostly rock fanatics, you should go for local rock bands to do the job. In the same way you can look for local bands who are into psychedelic rock, blues, acoustic , heavy metal, jazz, pop, dance , etc or other type of music that you prefer for your party.

You can also find local bands that play only for particular type of events. That is why we find wedding bands, corporate bands and the like, who excel in these events specifically. We can see many different types of wedding bands these days, who can play any number from the 60’s to the newest hits, so that everyone from the kids to the grown ups, can have a gala time.


office party band hertfordshire

The internet and the contact-directories can give us information regarding the local bands. But its better to go for the ones referred by family and friends as other sources can sometimes be risky too. The people who are into event management and decorations are the best people to ask about these local bands, and they can also give you the best solution for your needs. If you prefer internet sources, check out the bands website, clippings and reviews. You should call up the places where these bands have played to get their undeterred opinion.

Local bands are more costly to hire than a DJ or pub band. The live bands obviously outclass the DJ. In a wedding, which is truly a big event, last minute problems can spoil everything. The local bands are professional in their approach, possess all kinds of backup and responsibly handle all the things to make everything perfect.

The cost a person has to incur on these bands depends on the number of musicians in the band and the time for which they have to play. After selecting the bands you prefer for your event you have to sit down to discuss the details with them. If you want to spend some less cash, its better to go for fewer musicians then opt for a DJ or pub bands.


birthday party band hertfordshire

Today’s local bands show a lot of colour in them and come up with various kinds of music to suit your needs. Not only do they play rock, pop, or the like, a lot of new genres have also come up. There are interesting bands such as ‘decade local bands’ which specialize in songs from a particular decade. There are also ‘tribute local bands’ which play the music of some famous musicians from Pink Floyd to Beatles and Michael Jackson thus paying tribute them.

To conclude, local bands emphasize on the magic of music. Music is something that increases the attendance in your event, pulls people to the dance floor and forms an environment for conversation. It can add that special magic to your event and make it memorable to the guests forever.
Live Bands 2

There are many ways that a person can throw a party so magnificent that it will become the talk of the town. You can have everything from high profile people to themes specially designed by you, not to mention live bands performing at your party. The live bands will obviously cast an enchantment over your party and all the guests will thoroughly enjoy talking about it for the next few days.


office party band hertfordshire

There are many kinds of live bands. For instance we find function bands, wedding bands and also bands playing only for corporate parties. There are bands which only stick to a particular genre of music. We can also find some decade bands that play the music of 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. Tribute bands are also available, paying tribute to famous performers or bands by playing its hits. You should decide which one of these kinds of bands to go for the party.

You must first look upon the kind of party it is going to be. If you have a wedding party, an anniversary celebration or a birthday bash, you should opt for live bands specializing in these kinds of functions. If the party is going to be a corporate party, a reunion or the like, choose bands by the genre, decade bands or tribute bands.

You can also throw a themed party like, on a sea beach or a farm house. Here, you have to go for live bands which play the music of a particular genre or decade or even tribute bands when you have a beach party. You should hire a Hawaiian or a reggae band to bring on the environment of an ‘on the beach’ feeling with rhythmic numbers.


new year party band hertfordshire

Moreover, if you ever throw parties in a lone farm house, with the ‘old west’ theme, have a live band at your service which plays country music. Thus your themed party will be a hit.

When you are having a reunion with your old high-school mates and you want a really nostalgic atmosphere around, hire live bands and get them to play the chartbusters of your school days. Where there is a private party, with guests who are mostly interested in some particular bands or singers it would be preferable to have tribute bands at work, which impersonate legends like the Beatles or Elvis Presley and perform their hits.

First, think about the type of music you want and see whether it goes with your party or not. Look for live bands that matches the criteria you have in store. Choose and short-list the bands you prefer, from the internet or the yellow pages or even from references. You can even go to some major venues to search for bands. The people in these venues are likely to give you an idea about some good bands which had performed there. At last, select the band that you want to hire for your party and sit with them to plan what you want for the programme.

When you have finally selected your live band and planned for the programme, first and foremost, go through the logistics of the venue. Check whether the venue has a permit to stage live bands. Then go through the sound limits, the on-stage facilities, the dance floor and also the parking area. Check the time limits to play music also, if any. After you have arranged for everything, dive into the party and have fun!


office party band hertfordshire

Live Music 2

Do you want to have a get together that’s different from the others? Or a party that’s extra special? You obviously want to set up an environment different from all other parties that you have attended and make your guests feel good. Therefore you should make arrangements for live music at your party, which will give you exactly what you need.

Live music is the key to the success of all kinds of parties, like weddings, corporate parties, a reunion or even a product launch party. Just hire a live music band that plays good music and hand them the list of songs you want to play. A live music band is also the wonder wall for themed parties.

Live music bands are always a bit too costly to hire but it is a better choice than DJs any day if you can afford it. The bands increase the glamour of a party many times more and enrich the environment, especially if a themed party is being held.


You may opt to have a beach party in the Hawaiian style with the live bands playing some nice numbers and the guests having a roll. You may also arrange a reunion party with your high school friends and give a list of all your high school favorites to the bands to play.

You should always go for a band that specially plays music to your liking. You should find out about their performances in their websites, by viewing their clips, and their ratings and also fan-blogs, not to leave the references who had informed you about the band. You can also let go of all the troubles of doing all these and give the responsibility of your party to a company managing all sorts of events.

There are different ways in which you can plan to have live music bands at your party and choose these bands according to your liking. You can hire bands to play live music at special moments in a wedding like when the bride walks down the aisle or when the bride and the groom kiss. It would obviously have an enchanting effect on the bride and groom, not to mention the guests. Thus all the people will witness a wedding akin to the one Cinderella had.


Go for live music bands to play music that you want, in your party. Plan out the genre of music and the numbers that you choose to play and decide on the timings too. We generally find two types of bands playing live music. The first kind plays in occasions like get-togethers, parties and weddings. The second type of bands specialize in rock, pop, alternative, grunge, psychedelic, metal, punk etc. we also find some bands playing the music only of a particular time or decade, say suppose the music of 1960’s or 1970’s.

You have to consider some points before you go after a live music band for your party. You need to check on the logistics. Thus, you must make enquiries about the venue if they at all have the license to allow live music on their premises, and if they possess proper stages and dance floors, whether the parking space is big enough for the band to load and unload their instruments, and if there is any sound limit. You should arrange for all of these beforehand so that you don’t have any problems during the party, to ruin your day.


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