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Live Bands Hire Band Booking Kent

If you are keen in making the party you are throwing a memorable event, just don’t forget to jot down the contact number from the book a band kent signboard when you come across one. A live music band performing in your party, be it a birthday, wedding or any celebration for that matter, is just the thing you need to add that touch of difference to the event.

band booking kent
When you book bands kent, it requires considerations of a lot of factors and thus needs to be planned well in advance so that everything can be taken care of before the D Day. The first and foremost important thing is to assess type of music you want , then comes the budget you want to spend for it and lastly whether the venue has arrangements for a live band to play.

Involvement in something like booking bands kent needs you to first be sure about the kind of music you want. That is, your primary duty is to decide upon the type or genre of music you would like the band to play for you in the party. Are you looking for a particular genre or more of a fusion? Now based on this, start thinking about the band which is very good in this field.

book a band kent
Then after you have decided on the type of music you would like play, look for the band that you would like to hire for your party. This second step of hiring a band kent is all about searching and contacts of such live bands can be got from the different sources like internet, friends, relatives, yellow pages, etc. The venue administrators or your party decorating vendors can also enlighten you on this aspect.

When some of the bands of your choice when hiring a band in kent are on your table then surf the net and see which of these have official websites or are actively into social networking sites with fan following and performance reviews. This is a good way to understand who amongst them are professional and are good at what they do. A brief idea about the performance level or their goodwill in the market can also be analyzed from the various reviews about them on the net or otherwise.

book a band kent
Thereafter, go and meet the music bands you have short listed when band hiring kent and talk to them about the music you want them to play, the type of performances they actually do and their charges. Once these details have been checked and set as the basis for comparing one band with that of another, you should fairly be in a position to zero in on the band of your choice.

After all finalization has been made, go and discuss with the selected band about the nature of the party you are throwing, updating them about the kind of people who would be coming, the duration of their performance, so on and so forth. Together decide upon the final music play list that will be played and lastly check with the venue regarding availability of all the band’s logistical requirements.
book a band kent

The final step in making your party a great event involves checking for infrastructural aspects like the power supply of the venue, the sound limit if any, the stage space created, dance floor if any and other such last minute details. Also, do not forget to see to the fact that there is enough parking space allotted to the music band when band booking kent for easy loading and offloading of their gear.

Function Band Hire Book A Band Kent

To give an extra special effect to the party you are throwing you can go for function band hire. Function Band Hire therefore is basically hiring of bands that play at birthday parties, private parties, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, corporate events and various other parties. So it can be said that the expression function band hire means hiring of bands to play at parties to make the party special and memorable.
booking bands kent
The most important thing to be kept in mind is to check out with venue whether they have proper license to play live music or not. This is the first thing that is to be checked as at the last moment you may not be able to change the venue and that will spill water on all your plans and efforts. Once you have been satisfied with the venue arrangements check on the sound limits in case they have any.

The next thing is to select the function band when you book bands kent. Friends and acquaintances are one of the best people who can guide you in this matter in case they have seen any function band playing quality music at any function. So the best way to go for function band hire is referrals. In case they are not being able to help you out you can check the yellow pages or surf the net in that case. Incase of the internet, check out the reviews , comments of fans and video clippings of their performances. To get an unbiased opinion you can also talk to the various venues where they have played in the past.

Booking bands kent in comparison with hiring music genre band, is the selection and hiring of a live music band with specialization in your type of function. Music genre bands on the other hand specialize in rock, pop, psychedelic, rap etc. They prefer performing in stages in front of their dedicated audience. On the other hand function bands are specialized to play at different functions like wedding, corporate parties, birthday parties etc.


Thus in case of a wedding function band hire one which has the versatility to play all types of music since wedding party is attended by guests of all profile and ages. The music band should have something for all guests who have gathered to bless and share the joy of the newly wed. This diverse group of people have different tastes of music and the band should be able to play all types of music right from the early 60’s to the latest chartbusters.

Hiring a band kent is a more expensive affair than hiring a local pub band or a DJ. This is however for the obvious reason that a live music band falls into a different category altogether providing class and style to your function. Moreover it has also has all necessary backups to avoid any last minute glitches.

So after hiring a band in kent that will pay at your party i.e. one which is best suited for playing at your function as well as the one which comes within your budget, sit with the function band hired and decide upon the songs that they will play at your function. Give the function band a full detail of your party i.e. the type of guests attending the function, the type of function etc. Workout on all the small details of the party so that the function is a superb hit.

Last but not the least, one of the most important things to be done is to see to the logistical arrangements like performance place, dance floor, power supply and also the car parking space. Check on all these small but important details and sit beck and enjoy all the compliments for such a successful and grand function.

Local Bands 1

Local Bands are the band hiring kent in your locality which you can be hired locally to play at your wedding ceremony, corporate event or any other private party be it a promotion, graduation, sports win or the birth of your first baby, to make it truly special and an occasion to remember.

Local bands can be hired depending on the music they play. If you are having a get together with friends who are all rock fans, hire a local rock bands to perform. Likewise, you can hire local bands who are proficient in psychedelic rock, blues, live acoustics, heavy metal, jazz, swing, pop, dance, etc or any other genre which you want to play in your party.

Local bands from band booking kent are also found to be event specific. That is, wedding bands, corporate bands, etc are present who excel in these particular functions and thereby excel in catering to the specific needs of such events. E.g Wedding bands are truly versatile and can play popular numbers from the ’60’s to the latest for the enjoyment of all friends and family irrespective of the age group they belong to.

Local bands can be found on the yellow pages and internet. While, these sources are risky, referrals from friends and family are a safer option. The local event management groups are the best people to understand exactly the kind of band you need and suggest likewise. In case you go by internet sources, check out the band’s website, video clippings and reviews. Call up the venues where they have played to get an unbiased opinion.

Local bands are more expensive then your casual pub bands or a DJ. While there can be no comparison between a DJ and a full live music band performing, it should be noted that if it is a grand event such as a wedding, last minute glitches are something that can ruin everything. These professional local bands you get when you book a band kent have all kinds of backup and are the perfect for making such functions truly special.

The charges of the local bands vary depending upon the number of musicians they have and the duration of time for which they will perform. After short listing, you need to sit down and discuss these details. In case it is pinching your pocket too much, a good strategy would be to have lesser number of musicians than to go for a cheap pub band or a DJ.

When you book bands kent, local bands in today’s times come with a plethora of different and new age offerings to cater to your music needs. Apart from the typical rock, pop or the music genre categorizing of local bands, newer and more interesting types like the ‘decade local bands’ specializing in playing hit songs from a particular decade, or ‘tribute local bands’ which can be anything from a Pink Floyd tribute band to a Michael Jackson tribute band are the flavour of the day.

It can be concluded that booking bands kent for local bands are all about the magic of music. Something that results in more attendance in your event, something which sets the mood, serves as a background for conversation, acts as a chain to pull people on the dance floor. It is something that creates the ambience in your function and makes it extra special and memorable for all the guests.

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