Kent Band Music

Live Kent Band Music For your Event

Using a live band for a function you are planning is truly a better choice than a DJ and “canned” music. The sound is so much better when the amps and speakers are set up and use the acoustics of the building you are in to enhance the sound for you. Live bands for weddings, graduations, and pretty much any function where music is involved!

Got a family reunion you are putting together? Imagine the music of Motown played live! A class reunion is always a better time when songs from the graduating class are played 70s, The 80s or whichever you prefer can be amazing when you hire a live band to play. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to research bands you are interested in and go hear them in person if possible. The other alternative would be videos but the sound quality is best when experienced live.

If the bands have web pages, see if they do your particular activity and check out their comments to see how good they are. It is always wise to look at several bands to make sure one is available for your planned date. Sometimes cost depends on the time of the year you want to have your wedding or party too, early in the year when most are indoors can be a more cost-effective time due to availability. An outdoor venue could be costly when the band’s busy season starts for weddings!

If you are looking for a special band for a particular genre of music; like a soul or blues band, the search is going to be a little harder for you. Find a band that is capable of playing your favorites and a wide selection from other genres to make sure that everyone enjoys the music. One who isn’t your typical one note wonder is what you need! Getting the right dance or party music can make or break an event so listening to the bands is important before hiring a live band.

You can’t go wrong with a live band no matter what the occasion is. Playing pop and several other styles are what a band is all about, so when you listen to them make sure you can get to hear more than one style of playing to make sure they are appropriate for your venue and guests. If you are looking for a live band for a wedding, then a good selection should be available, guests might want to hear anything from classic rock to the newer style music that is popular today.

Yes, you can get that kind of variety with a DJ, but the quality isn’t the same as when you have a live band playing old favorites and the newer covers to keep everyone of all ages happy and partying! If you are able to, bring a couple friends along to listen to your picks and narrow it down with a couple extra ears to listen to the quality and variety.

Once you have determined which live band you are going to choose, let them know the date you need them and if it is available, you can book them for the date you want. Be prepared to secure them with a sizeable deposit and the remainder payable immediately after the party or wedding. A word on contracts: make sure it is clearly spelled out, and that you have a clause in case the event is cancelled. You may end up forfeiting your deposit, but hopefully, you won’t lose the entire payment. One of the best things about a live band is the intimate ambience during slower dance songs and you just don’t get the same feeling with a DJ. There is nothing better than a slow dance to Fleetwood Mac or a nice country ballad! Live bands are a more personal experience for everyone involved!

Once you have hired your live band and your plans are on track, you can relax and enjoy the anticipation of an event well planned, your party goers, or wedding guests will enjoy the feel and sound of a live band that is talented enough to cover anything that the party-goers wish to request. This can be a wide array of selections, making the event one all of the guests will remember!