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hertfordshire wedding bands

Please enjoy looking at all of our videos. Although the line up changes from time to time, the quality of musicians, the professionalism and passion for the music remains constant. Always An Amazing Experience!

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Looking At Wedding Entertainment Hertfordshire

Do you want your wedding entertainment hertfordshire to be as wonderful as shown in a romantic movie? Imagine that you are wearing a gorgeous wedding dress, with some beautiful orchids, walking on the aisle beside your best man, to be united with your dream partner, with a romantic tune being played at the background. This is the environment a live band can give to you in the most awaited day of your life.

These days a person wants to give a touch of their own personality to everything he does. If you are going through these lines, there’s a good chance that you are one of those people who want to do things a little differently, and not in the same old way. If you want to express yourself in the party, then why not revert to a live music band from wedding entertainment hertfordshire to add the zing to the party?

A live band is just like a magic wand, enchanting your wedding, just like the wand did to Cinderella and the pumpkin. The bands from wedding entertainment hertfordshire can conjure up the perfect environment that you want, with the extra class and style and thus your wedding will be the most talked about ceremony for days and will be remembered by all.


best wedding band hertfordshire

Say suppose you want to have a beach wedding. The environment should be lively, full of happiness and very bright and colourful. To give the wedding party a full boom , you should enact a Hawaiian theme, with the live bands from wedding entertainment hertfordshire playing dance numbers complimenting the theme.

Then again, if you have a wedding party in an old barn in the autumn, decorate the place with the colours of the season, pumpkin and fruits. Arrange for the bands to play John Denver hits to make the party enjoyable for both family and friends.

What is the best way to spend a good time with your old friends? In a college reunion or a get together? The best way to enjoy is to have platters of delicious food and to go with it, of course, live bands to play psychedelic rock music or some acoustic and blues to suit your taste from wedding entertainment hertfordshire .


hertfordshire wedding bands

Whether it is a private party, a product launch event or a corporate celebration, or the like, or even celebrations for car rally wins and birthday parties a live band can play the latest chart busters or mind blowing punk dance hits that even outclass snazzy DJ mixes. Live bands from wedding entertainment hertfordshire completely transform the mood just like a magic wand, and beat the old concept of pre-recorded music.

To conclude, it should be mentioned that, nothing beats the concept of a live band, if u want to express yourself at the party. Search for different bands, short list the ones you like and sit with them and then finally select the one you prefer most. Then discuss with the band about your party, the people who are invited, what numbers you want to be performed, and of course the overall ambience that you want to be created. Sit and jointly discuss the environment and the mood you want to set up, including the songs to be played. If you decide to use wedding entertainment hertfordshire and plan everything beforehand, arrange the requirements you will obviously relax and enjoy your party, which will definitely be the grandest of the town.


hertfordshire wedding band

Tribute Bands From Wedding Entertainment Hertfordshire

The live music bands which play on stage the numbers of famous musician or bands as a way of giving them tribute, are called tribute bands. These tribute bands are very popular in parties and functions where they perform to pay tribute to prominent musicians or music groups, and make the event a huge hit. The guests thus enjoy a lot and they remember it for a long time as well.

A tribute band from wedding entertainment hertfordshire may have a solo or a group performance. For example, there are a lot of Elvis impersonators who have become popular just by mimicking him and performing his songs. Michael Jackson is another such character who is mimicked and performed as.

There may also be tribute bands which are actually live music bands who play the songs of famous groups. Examples that can be given are of those bands playing Pink Floyd numbers or the Beatles, Rolling Stones , etc.


hertfordshire wedding bands

Originally tribute bands rose in the age of The Beatles, where, due to the exploding popularity of the latter, people demanded more. This caused the coming up of live musician groups known to be tribute bands to Beatles or likewise. Thereafter the popularity of wedding entertainment hertfordshire tribute bands also became high with every original band that topped the charts and attained a cult status.

It should be noted that tribute bands are different from Spin-off bands. Tribute bands consist of new musicians copying famous bands, but on the other hand spin off bands have at least one member from the original band to perform with them.

There is also a difference, though negligible, existing between tribute bands and the cover bands, both of which reign in wedding, corporate or private parties. The difference is that, the cover bands may play the cover songs of many artists, and not of only one person. They also do not necessarily copy the style and manners of the bands or musicians, like wedding entertainment hertfordshire tribute bands do.


The tribute bands of this generation do not exactly copy the songs of the original band, but present to us something new. The songs are, often, presented in a completely new style. The band Betallica, is one of the tribute bands of the new generation, who play Beatles songs in the Metallica style.

There are some other tribute bands from wedding entertainment hertfordshire of the 21st century which try to be different from others, like those of an all female tribute band for Iron Maiden, while there’s also an all male tribute group for Madonna. Mention should be made of The Muffin Men, who play the hits of Frank Zappa in their own way, without impersonating the style or clothes of the same.

Bands to Hire Wedding Entertainment Hertfordshire

Have you planned a gala arrangement for your birthday party or anniversary? Is that a grand wedding party you are planning for? There are live bands to hire that can make the arrangements complete and the party a major success. With bands to hire, you can also plan for themed parties and have a different feeling altogether.

There are different types of bands to hire from. While some are party bands specialized to play in parties, weddings and anniversaries, others are hardcore music bands specialized in different genre of music. There are also bands from wedding entertainment hertfordshire  which pay tribute to other famous and iconic musicians and termed as tribute bands and music bands which specialize in playing the music of a whole decade, and are called decade bands.

Why go for hiring DJs or local pub bands when there are specialized live bands to hire. The pocket pinch is a bit more but the quality is sky high. With a live band performing, you can ask them to play the music of your choice, like in a wedding party, you can ask for playing them special romantic ones at the time when the groom and bride are kissing.


hertfordshire wedding bands

There are bands to hire from wedding entertainment hertfordshire for themed parties too. Suppose you are having a beach party or a themed Wild West party in an old barn out of town. While you can go for Bob Marley- style reggae music along with free flow of Jamaican rum in the beach party, you can have your music band play country hits in the barn party and get a very good feedback from your friends and partners.

How do you know which band to hire from wedding entertainment hertfordshire? There are a number of sources. You can consult the yellow pages. You can ask your friends and relatives. You can also Google it. But if you are using the internet check out the bands which have websites, download their clippings and listen to them, shortlist them, interview them and then hire the one that suits you.


Amongst the choices of the bands to hire from wedding entertainment hertfordshire, you have to pinpoint on the right one. For parties such as weddings and anniversaries hiring a function band is a better choice. On the other hand, if there is a reunion party or a private gathering of friends, a decade band or a tribute band can do wonders to the atmosphere. While a decade band can make you take a trip to the sixties or the seventies a tribute band can make your night electrifying with tributes to your favourite icon.

It is important to finalize certain details with your band before the performance. Talk to the band members and brief them your requirements. In case it is a theme party, tell that to the band so that they play in accordance to the theme. Discuss with the band members about specific music at specific situations if needed, like a particular song at the time of raising a toast, etc.

Be sure to check out the logistical needs required at the venue, availability of necessary licenses, the facility of stage, dancing floors and other related issues so that there is no last minute rush. With all these done, your party wedding entertainment hertfordshire is going to be a major success.



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