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What other day is as special as the wedding day? A wedding happens once in a lifetime, hopefully, so everyone longs for a spectacle that’s going to be remembered years after. There is no better way to make a great atmosphere than hiring a live Essex party band to perform for you and your guests.

Most often found at wedding events is soul music this is great when played live by party bands from Essex – a combination of jazz, blues and gospel music that originated in 1950’s. Cheerful and catchy rhythms make this the perfect dance music for parties. A subgenre of soul music is the Detroit ( Motown ) style, highly influenced by pop music and very popular in the wedding halls.


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Motown is also an American record company founded by Berry Gordy and responsible for the development of many artists in this field. Since live Essex party band music is a big part of the wedding ceremony, it needs to be carefully thought through. From choosing what songs and when to perform them to deciding which style you will devote to, this can be a very stressful planning.

Instead of creating a soundtrack by yourself with the help of your bridesmaids, consider hiring live Essex party bands that will do all the work for you while you take care of other important details. You can request your favorite songs to be played at a specific time and leave the rest to them.

You will, however, need to spare some extra cash for these commodities but we assure you it is well worth it. Besides soul and motown, 1970s dance music played by Essex party bands, will get people on the floor in no time. The disco style music is surely the way to go if you are looking for an energetic start to your ceremony. Another 1970s style is progressive rock but that might not be suitable for weddings because the songs are longer in length and a bit aggressive so make sure you stick to disco style.


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Disco music itself seems to be the best mixture of elements to include in a wedding soundtrack and is great played by a live band from Essex.

Consisting of funk, soul, pop and salsa, disco dance music will create a cheerful and energetic atmosphere at your event that no other genre could offer. To make sure you have the best possible experience on your special day, make sure you hire a live Essex party band to perform instead of just playing songs off a playlist.

The way you manage the Essex party band music to be played during the ceremony is also important. Starting with the music repertoire even before the beginning of the ceremony is recommendable. Always plan for your DJ or live Essex party band to do a sound check an hour before the beginning.

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Most professional party bands from Essex will do their own sound check routine anyway but it is important to remind them that everything has to be in order.

You won’t have this day back if you mess it up. Make sure you are indeed dealing with professionals when hiring a live Essex party band. Don’t wait for them to come at the venue’s door on the special day. Meet them a week earlier, see them perform live and be sure they are the real deal for you.

So all in all, to make sure your special day is followed by great musical performance, choose the right genre, pick the songs and let a professional live party bands from Essex deal with the rest.

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Book well ahead – the best live Essex party bands can be booked up to 9 months in advance. We suggest booking a year beforehand if you’re able to set a rigid event date. Ensure your venue allows music – Make sure along with your reception venue that live music of the style you are hiring is permitted.

Collect any tips from the venue which might need to be relayed to the band’s agent or manager. Double check your choice of live band – ensure the party band from Essex you’ve got is suitable for the event by chatting with friends, family or colleagues. Keep a record of changes – list any changes made to your event schedule that may have an effect on the band like for example, meal times, arrival times, booking different sorts of entertainment etc.

Thus, the most effective party Band from Essex for you ultimately is the one which comes within your budget, understands what you need and performs your desires to make the wedding ceremony a grand success. It must have the ability to assess your visitors and also recognize the rhythm of your event as well as execute so that the event becomes extra special for the couple and also your visitors remember your Essex party band permanently.

Your celebration makes certain to be a complete smash hit with a good Essex party band playing live music for the guests or playing music on the demand of the invitees.
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