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Live Band 2

Think about the best scenario of the wedding day. The bride in the virgin white gown is walking down the aisle with the best man to meet the groom of dreams. There is music at the background. A live band is playing the most romantic numbers at the right moment. Not just a movie scene, this can be arranged on your own wedding. All you have to do is to hire a live band and have them play the songs you want.

There is the necessity of customization in today’s way of life. There should be a personal touch in anything and everything. Everybody, including you may not want to organize an event as big as your wedding in the most unexciting way, rather always think of making it special, may be a bit extra-special. And if you want to have your feelings expressed through your party what is better than music? More specifically, a live band.

A live band may transform any party by magic, like the Cinderella’s ball. You will have the right kind of grandeur and ambience. The class and style will increase by manifolds and the event will be extra special if not the talk of the town for years to come. It will be remembered by the guests and the party will be a successful one. All you need to do is blend your ideas with the live band and plan everything well beforehand.

You can mold your wedding party just the way you want to. If you are planning for yourself a beach wedding party with lots of color and fun, you should have the live band play Hawaiian music with their colored attires and rhythms. That will add the extra bit to your theme.

Suppose you are planning to have the fall wedding in an old barn or a farmhouse. There should be the fall fruits and flowers and other fall decors that symbolize your theme. And there should be a live band, preferably a tribute band that is playing country music of Dan Seals or Woodie Guthrie. The mood of the party will transform and the theme of the party will get enlightened.
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Are you having a get-together party, a reunion with friends? Why not hire a live band to make you rock with Pink Floyd numbers, psychedelic lights and jigs? Ask to band to play the hits that you used to listen to during the high school times. The nostalgia will flow through your veins, the party – a grand hit.

Be it a corporate party, or an anniversary or a product launch party, live bands do make a difference. You can shake your hips with the latest chart toppers, you can put forward your request for music and believe it, this is much better than a DJ churning out music from his CD stocks. Live music is some thing else, something real, that makes you feel the pace of the party, makes your mood shift to focus upon it.

If you want to express yourself in your party, live bands is the option you should go for. And do look for the right band, search for the options, shortlist them, know about their music and then finalize. Decide what the band should play in the party by your needs and the guests’ profiles. Decide on the moods and ambience required to be created with the members of the bands as well as the play list. After it is done, just wait for the party to happen.
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Tribute Bands 1

Tribute bands are live music bands that perform songs of some prominent musician or popular bands as a tribute to the same. Thus, tribute bands are a huge hit at functions and parties where the performance is given as attribute to a popular musician or a group to make the event a grand success, give the guests a gala time, which they remember and talk about for a long time to come.

Tribute bands can consist of a performance given by an individual or a group. For example, Elvis impersonators are quite common and popular who are nothing but individual singers or performers mimicking the songs and style of Elvis Presley. Likewise one has for Michael Jackson and other music icons as well.

On the other hand, the more common and widely seen format of tribute bands are groups performing the music of a popular musical band of yester years. Examples sited in this case can be of Pink Floyd tribute bands or other tribute bands performing songs of bands such as, Beatles, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, etc.

The origin of the tribute bands may be traced back to the Beatles era where in the immense popularity and the demand of people wanting to hear more of the same led to the rise of pother music bands performing Beatles’ songs and paying tribute to them. After this beginning, tribute bands became popular with any and every band which was extremely high in popularity charts and most importantly were successful in attaining a cult status.
essex corporate music entertainment

Tribute Bands should be distinguished from those of Spin-off bands. While tribute bands consist of new musicians impersonating past popular bands, spin off bands are those which include atleast one member from the original band.

Again, there exists a very thin line of difference between tribute band and cover bands, both of which are extremely popular in case of functions like weddings, corporate events and other private parties. The difference lies in the fact that the cover bands merely play songs of other past artistes and not necessarily of only one person or rather imitating the original musician’s very style of singing and other mannerisms like in the case of tribute bands.

New age tribute bands are on the path from complete copying the original band to something new to the listeners. Many a times this consists of performing the numbers of the original band in a new style. For example, mention may be made of such a tribute band Betallica which performed Beatles songs in the Metallica style.

Other new age tribute bands in the 21st century include bands seeking to be ‘different’ from others like the all female tribute band for the group Iron Maiden , while an all male tribute band for Madonna. Moreover, bands like The Muffin Men, also exist who play the music of Frank Zappa in their own style without any kind of impersonation, be it in clothes or otherwise.
essex corporate music entertainment

Local Bands 2

You can hire local bands to play live music at your party, be it for a wedding ceremony or a corporate one or a private party to celebrate someone’s success in career, a win in sports, a new birth in the family or any incident that is to be remembered and rejoiced about.

Local bands can be hired in accordance to the preference of music wanted by the client. You can actually hire a local band that excels in playing rock, if, you prefer rock music. Likewise, there are local bands that specialize in jazz, country, hip-hop, reggae, metal, rap, dance-mix, and you can hire the local band according to the taste of music you and your friends prefer to make a the party successful..

You may find local bands in specific modes. There are wedding bands, corporate bands, tribute bands or party bands, who are specialist in playing in similar events only. If these local bands are hired according to their specification in the party they specialize in, your party is going to be a huge hit for sure. The bands will cater exactly to what is needed to highlight the theme and bring forth the mood in accordance to the theme of the party.

You may look for local bands in the internet or the yellow pages But these sources may turn out to be exaggerated and not fully credible. It is better to go by the local bands those are being referred by family members and friends. You can also seek help of the local event managers and take their suggestions. If you are going by the internet sources only, be sure that the local band has a website, and check the uploaded videos and clips which show them perform. Also make enquiries about the bands you have short listed at the venues they have performed to get an opinion.

There is one concern. Local bands are expensive in comparison to the bands that play in pubs or DJs. But again think about the performance. Compared to the DJs, a local band performing has a hell of a difference and your party is bound to be spectacular. You hand your programme to any professional local band and the fear of any last moment hiccups are gone. The programme will be handled professionally with every sort of back up.

The charges depend on some factors. There is the number of the musicians, the time of performance etc. that decides the cost factor. First finalize the band and sit with them to talk about these factors. If you want to curtail costs, go with fewer musicians or lesser time than shifting to pub bands or DJs.

Local bands come with different flavors to cater to its audience. In addition to the age-old rock-pop performances, the other ways local bands are categorized intoare ‘decade local bands’ or ‘tribute local bands’. While decade bands are specialized to play songs covering a whole decade, tribute bands play music to play tribute to a particular music icon or band ranging from Frank Sinatra to Beatles.

Your hired local bands will not only make your party successful, such idea will make your guests remember the experience for a long time. Their music will set the mood of the party in the right pace, make people relax or act as a background to conversation or even drag your guests to the dance floor.

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