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Hire a Live Band

Do you really wish to make the party you are throwing the most talked about one? You can actually do a number of things to achieve this. Hire the best caterer to have the best range of food, invite all the high profile people you know, hire the best venue possible and add to it wonderful decorations. But, to bring life in to the party you need to have quality music too. Do not go for the age old DJ music that every party has. Hire a live band and that will solve all the problems.

When you hire a live band, the noticeable change you are bound to find out is the environment of the party. It is something the guests love. The music brings about the mood that will make them dance the night away. Frenzy is what becomes in such a party and enjoyment and fun becomes the key words. People who have been there in the party talk about it for days to come.

You can actually hire a live band in any sorts of parties you want to. From wedding to anniversaries, from reunion parties to birthday parties, from corporate parties to farewell, anywhere you can hire a live band and get lauded for it. For functions like weddings and birthdays there are professional bands which play specifically for these purposes. These are called function bands. There are also other bands which play music by genre or music by decades or even play music to pay tribute to legendary musicians and bands by imitating them. You will have to choose amongst these for your requirement.
corporate function band essex

If it is a themed party you want to hold, all you need to do is hire a live band to make it successful. If it is a Mexican Wild West party you have planned for, have Mexican cuisine served, ask the guests to turn up in Mexican attires complete with Mexican hats and do hire a live band which plays Mexican music by genre. With Latino music like that of Santana or Shakira, your party will be more than just hit.

You must be wondering where you would hire a live band. You can search the internet or the yellow pages to get a few hundreds contacts. You can ask your friends and relatives to give you references of the bands they have seen to perform too. And if you do not want to take this headache, you may contact the local event management company to hire one for you. But whichever band you hire, do it after interviewing them and checking their claims because otherwise you may get an amateur and unprofessional band.

You need to sit with the band and discuss your ideas with them. If required prepare a play list too. See if the band has the ability to play requests made by the audience because such things make the party more exciting. If you hire a live band, it must go with your desires.
corporate party essex

Check with the venue if it has the necessary license to play live music, its facilities of stage, dance floor, power supply for the band etc. If this done beforehand, a lot of trouble is saved on the day of the event.

If you hire a live band, it is for sure the party is going to be a success. And with the arrangements made earlier you can sit back and enjoy the party without any tension.
Book a Band

If you are throwing a party, you sure want it to be a wonderful one and preferably the talk of the town. Did you make a plan to achieve this feat? Well, you must have arranged the best venue, the best of the foods and wine and also invited everybody you know. But what about the music? It is the most important part of any party. Book a band for performing live at the party and you will have the glam factor that was missing.
corporate parties essex

It is necessary to book a band for live performance to bring the much needed vibrancy in the party. A professional band will interact with the guests and play their requests, Once this is done the guests will start living the party and there will be a frenzy among them, making the party a successful one. So whatever the party is, a wedding or an anniversary or even a reunion, book a band for live music.

If your party is a wedding party, book a band that is specialized to play at weddings or in other words, book a wedding band. Wedding bands know how to handle a situation in a wedding ceremony and they play likewise. The wedding bands generally start with soft tracks allowing the guests to be in conversation with one another. They slowly build up the tempo with their music, with occasional romantic ballads to honor special occasions in the wedding ceremony. When the ceremonial part is over, they would play dance numbers to bring in the festive spirit. Not many would be able to stay away from the dance floor by then.

Even if you are having a themed party, book a band for live performance. If it is a themed beach party, get a Reggae band to play music and enjoy it with the gentle sea breeze and a bottle of Jamaican Rum. You and your guests will never forget the event for sure.



If you are planning a reunion party among old friends, book a band that plays songs of particular decades or get a tribute band. While Decade bands may make you nostalgic with the songs from your high school time, a tribute band may be called if you and your friends share the same devotion towards an iconic singer or band. A Tribute band can perform the songs of that star or band live. Also, you can hire a music genre-base band if you all are addicted to one particular genre of music.

You can book a band from internet sources or from the contacts in Yellow Pages. You can also ask your friends for references. And you can also ask the local event management agency to book a band for you. Do remember to check the credibility of the band and watch it’s performances before you hire them.

Discuss the play list with the band. Brief your ideas and tell them to improvise up on it. Make them understand the mood of your party and more importantly the profile of your guests. Check all the areas so that there is no rushing around in the last minutes.


corporate function band essex

Do remember to check with the venue if they have the license to hold live band music. Other such logistical details like time limit or sound limit, etc should also be checked well before hand in order to have a smooth, hassle-free party.

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