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Hiring a Music Band for Important Events: The Overall Facts

You have an important event coming up and yet you are still torn up between essex bands for hire, a DJ, or simply use your old boombox to add spark to the event. Whether you are in charge for your company’s important dinner, your kid’s birthday party, or your sister’s wedding, there are some alternatives to spark up the atmosphere.


Sure, you are probably thinking that the old boombox will solve the problem just like that and you don’t have to spend anything. But keep in mind that a boombox can’t add the real and genuine fun into the party – and you certainly can’t interact with the old music box either.
hiring a band essex
Reasons For Band Booking Essex

There are so many good reasons why people would turn to professional bands for hire essex band for their important events. The most common reasons are:The lively, fun, and engaging mood. When you have a band at your event, you basically create a fun and enjoyable mood for everyone. Sure, feel free to use the boombox but it is a guarantee that the effect won’t be as drastic as having a live band performing at the event.

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Somehow, essex bands for hire will change the atmosphere. You see real people and real music players and it is somewhat changing the mood and the atmosphere of the event. After all, guests will appreciate it when they are welcomed with fun songs when they arrive or when they are entertained during the drinks reception.
hiring a band in essex
The ease and hassle-free implementation. When you get bands for hire essex, it is most likely that they come with their own technicians that are responsible for the arrangement of the musical instruments and such thing alike. You can enjoy the party without having to worry about anything.

The intimate and personal feel. Having a band is somewhat more personal and intimate. When you hire a live band essex, they are automatically becoming a part of the band hire essex party’s team – which leads to the personal feel and intimacy. A band is able to deliver more personal touch as they can easily integrate into the atmosphere and the surroundings. Expecting the same intimacy from the boombox? Yeah, right.
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The efficient arrangement. You can book bands essex for an efficient management and arrangement. For instance, you can have the live music for the important ceremony, the dinner, the welcoming guest, and so much more. Of course, you need to discuss the small details first with the personnel. All I’m saying is that having a band is less complicated and they are much more flexible.

The Main Benefits Of Booking Bands Essex
Now that you have understood the many reasons why people prefer hiring a band to use their old boombox, we get to the many benefits and advantages of getting a professional music band playing at your event. Although most people hire a music band for their wedding, it is also common to have a band for the corporate gala, business party, birthday party, and even baby shower.
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The main advantages of hiring a band in essex is:
They are versatile and can cater to any theme that you want. In case you are planning a classic gala dinner or a fun outdoor wedding with a touch of vintage in it, you can always arrange it and discuss it with the pros. A classic vintage wedding or an elegant gala dinner will definitely look odd with a DJ – let alone with a lonely boombox on the corner of the room.

When you hire a band essex, however, you can expect lively and fun atmosphere with lists of music tailored to what you want. A music band is definitely a great investment if you want to make the event memorable and unforgettable.

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Hiring A Band In Essex
Professional bands for hire in essex are able to create emotional involvement. When you are on your sister’s wedding, the live band will definitely create the perfect and suitable mood that will engage everyone’s attention. When you are on your company’s dinner gala and you want to have a relaxed and fun atmosphere, the band is able to deliver it.

You can expect better sound quality and better engagement. What if you decide to use your boombox and it falls apart, right in the middle of the show? Not a very fun sight, right? Well, such thing will never happen with a music band as they will come prepared. When you hire band for wedding essex, they usually have their own technicians that will take care of things.

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They make sure that the sound quality is just flawless and perfect. They make sure that all the instruments are working well. The band hiring essex technicians will make sure that there won’t be any echoing sound or poor sound quality that can affect the fun atmosphere of the party. And after the overall preparation is done, they provide better engagement with the audience. Trust me, hiring a professional music band hire essex is a better way and a smarter alternative to spark up the party.

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Better professionalism that leads to better enjoyment in the entertainment. A professional music band booking essex knows what to do because it is their daily jobs. They are familiar with the whole preparation, arrangement, and implementation in whatever theme of the party that you want. They have better familiarity with party planning and engagement. If you want a professional who knows what to do in whatever party setting you want, you should go with the music band.

Different Types Of Bands And Party Settings When You Book A Band Essex
You probably don’t know this but there are different types of music bands that are suitable for different themes. Funk bands, for instance, are great for proms or theme parties, but are they good for the formal corporate gala dinner? I don’t think so. Knowing what kind of essex live band hire is also important because you can prevent chaos and disaster – not to mention embarrassing moments.

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Here are some of the most common essex big bands for hire:
Pop and rock function bands are perfect if you want your guests to dance all night long. They should be able to provide different kinds of songs, depending on your needs. They are able to play the songs from the 50s, the 90s, and the most current songs. Generally when you book bands essex, this kind of band consists of 4 to 5 performers and they are usually male. They are the best for corporate or private parties, wedding receptions, family celebrations, and even Christmas parties.

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Cheap essex bands for hire will recreate the experience and the music from famous acts. They will try as best to sound and look as close as possible to the real artists. For example, the Beatles tribute band will appear using the similar costumes and sing Beatles songs. It is perfect for weddings, staff parties, community events, themed parties, or even after hours sporting events.

Tips On Booking Bands Essex
Jazz bands can actually deliver different kinds of jazz styles, from the traditional one to the modern funk jazz. This is definitely the perfect band for street events, outdoor receptions (including weddings), jazz picnic and brunches, and family parties. If you want the standard old-school jazz with classic music from Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, or Dizzie Gillespie, you should look for the standard jazz music band. Standard jazz is perfect for family events, corporate presentations, sport event launches, press launches, or wedding drink receptions.

The rat pack singers or swing bands are perfect if you are expecting sophisticated and stylish performance with a touch of Las Vegas style – just like the one often performed by Michael Bublé or Frank Sinatra. Bear this in mind when you hire a band for essex. This kind of band is perfect for charity dinner, elegant wedding parties, black tie dinner, private parties, executive parties, international entertainment, or formal gala dinner.

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Show bands or big bands are….well, big. They usually consist of big numbers of players, up to 12 people or even 20 people. The music variations are complete because they have sax, woodwind, brass, drums, and also the vocalists to create a vibrant and full music. You need to search for bands to hire for weddings essex that can deliver different types of music (from different music era too) which includes the show tunes, swing, jazz, and music from the 40s, this is the type of band to hire. They are great for weddings, corporate events, retro parties, fundraising dinners, conference entertainment, and even anniversary parties.

Jive, swing, and rock and roll bands are perfect if you are considering a band to hire essex that can play all those music genres. If you want to entertain your guests and make sure that they stay up dancing the whole time, this is the band to go to. This type of band is perfect for anniversary parties, club nights, dance parties, weddings, birthday parties, and sports entertainment.

RnB, soul, and Motown bands are the perfect choice for band booking essex if you are into pop so much. Classic pop has everything, including great voices and perfect harmonies. You can hire the bands for sports events, weddings, nostalgic parties, theme nights, nightclubs, festivals, reunion parties, and societies social events.

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Disco and funk 70s bands are all about cool haircuts and funky music. If your purpose is to entertain your guests and get them boogie the whole time, then this is the perfect bands to hire essex. Such bands are perfect for weddings, festivals, themed parties, open air events, disco nights, retro events, corporate fun events, or even family gathering events.

Mariachi bands may look traditional and old-school but you can be sure that they are able to deliver the same fun and hypnotic atmosphere. They have the unique signature of combining trumpet, violin, accordion, and guitar with sombrero hats and traditional Mexican suits. If you want to deliver a traditional atmosphere while entertaining your guests with enjoyable music, then book a band essex for your event. They are the best for drink receptions, Spanish baptism, weddings, ladies nights, outdoor events, romantic dinner, and even birthday parties.

Steel bands are perfect when you want to deliver the sound of waves, the sunshine, and coastal atmosphere. It represents the Caribbean where the steel drums (also called as pans) are used to invoke the memories of the sunshine, sea, and sand. It is perfect for product promotions, corporate fun days, summer parties, waterside events, outdoor festivals, exhibitions and shows, and even Christmas fun parties.

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Where to Look for?
The decision to hire live band essex isn’t as hard as you think. You can always find the one that has been specializing themselves in events. Ask for reference or recommendation from close friends or families. You can find the bands that they are referring to as well as checking the quality of the performance and service altogether.

In case you are interested in booking bands essex that isn’t accustomed to playing in events, be very detailed about the agreements and the terms. It is common to hire local music band from around your area, but be sure that you have planned everything thoroughly, especially when it comes to punctuality.

You can also find the best essex band hire from entertainment agencies. They basically have a lot of options and they can provide examples of the performance through video tapes or direct auditions. If you come to the entertainment agencies, they can provide you different choices of performers but you should also consider their fee.

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Things to Consider
When you are looking to hire essex bands, be sure that they really have the quality that you are looking for. In case you hear their demo tape or whatsoever, have them to perform live right in front of you so you can really be sure about their quality. Never trust any claim saying ‘I know their qualities. They are perfect bla bla bla.’ remember that your requirements may not be the same as others.

It is imperative that when you hire bands for weddings essex you have a contract to seal the deal. Make sure that the contract is detailed enough; after all, it is a business deal, right? Include the setup, logistics, time of arrival and departure, insurance coverage, attire, payment schedule, band’s foods and drinks, arrangement for the transportation, break times, unforeseeable costs, and overtime provisions. You want a win-win solution for everyone so it is important to start searching at least 6 months before the event so you still have enough time to plan and prepare everything.

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