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Bands For Hire Essex


Live Bands For Hire in Essex For Your Wedding Party

While planning for a wedding party in your home, there are a lot of details to take care of and one major detail is the music to be played during the occasion. You can decide to play recorded music, hire a DJ or find bands for hire in Essex to keep the audience entertained.

Deciding on a band hire Essex, can transform your wedding party to something more special than you anticipated. A professional wedding band knows how to interact with its audience and how to lure them into a partying mood by playing their special requests. All you need for a party to get a little crazy is a lively audience, therefore, live music is an important part of a wedding party.

Live bands for hire from Essex will add a personal touch to the music by mentioning specific names of places as they play their songs. This will add a personal feeling that isn’t possible when playing recorded music.


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With recorded music, it’s difficult to make last minute alterations, plus anything can go wrong with the player or you need to change the music from soft slow songs to dance music. A band hire at Essex is able to sense the mood and adjust their music accordingly.

A wedding band slowly builds up the tempo in perfect harmony and lets the audience ease into the music. Good wedding bands for hire from Essex would begin off with some slow soft tracks, may be some soul music, to allow the introduction of the guests and let them converse among themselves.

During special moments, some lovely romantic tracks would be played to hype up the feelings in the room and when the event is done and it’s now time to party, the live bands who you hire in Essex would switch to dance hit or party music and allow the guests to move their hips and dance themselves out on the dance floor.

With the right live band hire from Essex, your wedding party can become really special, you need only worry when choosing a band. An inexperienced band can be disastrous to a wedding party and you need to verify and interview the band and get to know their credibility and reputation.

You can look them up on the Internet or ask some friends to recommend any live bands for hire based in Essex for your wedding party. You can also request your event management agency to find you the right band.


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Once you find the right bands for hire in Essex, ask for their requirements at the venue such as a stage or a power supply. As for the equipment they need, every band has its own musical instruments. If the event will not be at your home, check in advance with the venue that they have the facilities requested by the band and that they also have a license to host live bands.

Also, check that the band has the capability to play song outside your playlist. Most bands you hire from Essex, know a lot of songs and can play more than one genre of music ranging from soft blues, disco music, soul music, dance music and even music from the 70s.

To top it all, a live band can also offer background music during dinner to calm the moment. With a live band hire Essex for your wedding party, it will leave you with sweet memories worth every penny you spent on the band.




Classic Wedding Music With Bands For Hire Essex

Getting the crowd up at a wedding to dance after a two-course meal can be quite difficult. Choosing the wedding music is very critical; this is the time to stick to the classic and traditional wedding songs. You should consider the crowd at the wedding, including their music preferences, so go for a band hire Essex.

Expressing yourself with music or choosing songs that you and your partner are into may be a mistake particularly if your music tastes leans towards the more obscure music. The guests won’t dance if they don’t like the music or recognize the songs. On this occasion, it is best to forgo your personal music tastes and choose to crowd pleaser wedding songs to ensure the guests feel like dancing and get involved. Bands for hire from Essex can do this for you.

When selecting your wedding music, it is important to get involved in the playlist selection. Do not leave this entirely up to your wedding DJ or wedding reception band you hire from Essex. It is important to know what they will be playing so as to create the right mood for the night and to fit into the theme of the event.

The wedding entertainment should also be flexible enough to respond to requests by the guests and to change the music based on the guests and the tone of the reception. If one style of music is not working, then it is important to have a backup and a wide selection, this may be more difficult with a wedding reception band or live entertainment than with a wedding DJ.

Why Choose A Live Band Hire from Essex?
It is always a good idea to mix the music up at your wedding reception. Popular music can range from retro, pop, jazz to top 40 selections. Having a mix of old and new music will cater to more of the guest than relying on only one style of wedding music. When selecting your wedding entertainment, it is important to pick the entertainment that will provide you with the greatest selection.


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A cheaper option for your wedding reception music rather than a professional band hire from Essex is to create your playlist and to put it on an iPod for the reception. IPod’s can hold up to 8000 songs which mean you will not fall short with regards to choice. Songs that are not popular can easily be changed; this could cause problems if the guests want to take control of the wedding music, in particular, the intoxicated guests at the wedding.

When choosing your wedding music be sure to discuss with your provider before and how the music will fit accordingly with the tone of your reception. If you intend for the happy couple’s special song to be played after the cutting of the cake, be sure to tell your music provider. It will seem awkward if the music at your wedding reception isn’t played at the appropriate times.

Don’t hesitate to ask the person providing music at your wedding reception for advice on music to choose or timing for particular songs. If you’ve picked an experienced provider of wedding reception music, you will have a great source of advice about what has and hasn’t worked for other wedding receptions.

Remember the choice is yours. There are many options available to the modern brides and grooms with regards to wedding entertainment and wedding music. Whatever you choose for your wedding music let your hair down and cut loose, this is your night so make the most of it and dance the night away.

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Guide To Choosing The Best Wedding Music

After exchanging vows, it is time to enjoy the celebration party like never before. It is imperative to hire a live music group in case you would prefer live music being played at the wedding reception. However, make it a point to figure out what type of live music is going to be allowed at the event. As a matter of fact, some venues have stringent regulations regarding playing live music. The music selected by you must be able to express the personality of the bride and groom, and also the general theme of the marriage ceremony.

Music is going to become a ubiquitous presence during the ceremony and, therefore, it is vital to select the proper music which will set the mood of the wedding. The choice of music is usually determined by the wedding itself. Secular music is not allowed in the majority of the church ceremonies. In that case, it is much better to play traditional music.

It is up to the bride and groom to decide whether the music is going to be recorded or live. You should hire a DJ in case you prefer recorded music. The positive aspect regarding this is the fact that it is possible to ask the DJ to play your favorite songs. In order to come across a reputed DJ, you can always ask your buddies for their commendations. In case you do not succeed in getting a good recommendation, you may always take the help of the Internet, the yellow pages, or even get in touch with your nearby radio station.



After the DJ has been hired, let him know regarding what kind of entertainment you would prefer during the wedding party. Also, enquire whether he is acquainted with the protocols of the wedding ceremony.

You also have the option of hiring a music band, jazz band, solo musicians and so on while selecting the live music. This will depend largely on the type of theme you would prefer for the wedding. Groups of the traditional piano, soloists and instrumentals are suitable for the weddings that are more formal. Above all, make it a point to ensure that your guests are properly entertained at the reception.

Hiring a music band is unquestionably the best way to go in case you would like to have a great time at your wedding reception. It’s the energy of the band that will drive the folks crazy. A rock and roll band is able to provide the people with enjoyment that they will not find anywhere else.


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Try to listen to the music of a band prior to hiring him. It will assist you to ascertain whether the band is appropriate for the wedding ceremony. Moreover, hire a band which has performed in quite a few events previously and know exactly what to offer the guests to keep them enthralled.

You might even consider playing some soothing background music while the food is being served or the bride and groom are engaged in greeting visitors, taking photos, etc. This will surely aid in maintaining the atmosphere of the wedding reception and, consequently, ensure to choose the music meticulously to order to entertain the guests in the best possible manner.

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