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Please enjoy looking at all of our videos. Although the line up changes from time to time, the quality of musicians, the professionalism and passion for the music remains constant. Always An Amazing Experience!

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There are Spin-off bands also alongside Tribute bands. Sequel bands consist of at the very least one member of the original band playing along, while the Tribute bands are all brand-new musicians winging the cover variation of the original band. There is additionally a basic difference in between Tribute bands and cover bands though both are equally well-liked in wedding or corporate events, anniversaries and so on. The cover bands sing tunes of various artists funk bands, that is, perform all hit cover models.

The Tribute bands will stay with playing music or vocalizing songs of just one band, the band they are commemorating. They may imitate the initial band in looks, sound and also attire. There are new age Tribute bands which are even explore the music as well as developing new form of homages.

For example a tribute band called Betallica is paying tribute to Beatles by playing their favorites in the Metallica style. There are various other Tribute bands as well that makes songs on their own ways. There is the all-female Tribute band for symbols like Iron Maiden and also there are all-male Tribute bands for Madonna! Even there are Tribute bands like Muffin Men that sing songs of Frank Zappa in their own style, without any replica or acting.hertfordshire dance band

Have A Fantastic Wedding! Hire A Live Band

There is a wedding at your house and there are thousand and one tasks to perform. You have to plan the event; there are people to be identified who will execute the tasks. And there are people to be invited, menu to be finalized, dresses to be bought, venue to be rented and what not. But be sure to fix the musical part too because that would be a bad thing to forget. A party, especially that of a wedding, needs music. If you are planning the wedding in a big way and want to make it different, do not go for recoded music or even DJs. It is time to think of live music because with a live band wedding parties have the much required glam factor added to them.

When you hire a live band wedding parties become an affair that will be remembered for the special live performances. The band, with its aura does wonders to the atmosphere of the party and make the event dazzle. Professional wedding band complies with the song requests made by the guests and thus make them a part of the party. What happens then is just enjoyment by everybody and the whole party becomes an affaire to be remembered years after.

With a live band wedding parties sure do get special. What you need to do is choose a wedding band that can play all sorts of music, from the older hits of the ’50s to the newest ones. Keep it in mind that there will be guests from all age groups and their need for music will always vary. What you should do is to hire a professional wedding band and let them take charge of the music part of the event. You can really expect something great for your party.


When you hire a wedding band wedding parties are bound to have proper music. A professional band which knows how to build up the party with music will titillate the guests till the point they are in a frenzy and hit for the dance floors. A wedding band with their live performances tries to make the wedding special for the newly weds. It may also play the favorite love ballads of the bride and groom at specific moments in order to do so.

With the hiring of a live band wedding parties do get special. Even if it is a themed wedding, a wedding band can do wonders to bring out the theme and highlight it, may it be a beach wedding party or a wedding party based on Arabian theme. With the right kind of music the parties can become an enchanting experience.

If you are hiring a live wedding band wedding parties will turn out to be remarkable for sure. But do check out how the band performs, its capabilities and qualities etc. It is always better to go through the videos of the bands’ past performances before hiring. Once you know which band is what, you can always go for finalizing the one that suits you and is within your affordability.


funk bandshertfordshire

The music bands that you find in your locality, which you could employ for carrying out at your wedding ceremony, company features or any other event, are called neighbourhood bands. They can be made use of to celebrate events such as promotions, college graduation, sports win or to commemorate the birth of your very first baby, so regarding make the day special and remarkable. You could employ local bands on the basis of the music they play. If you ever have a reuniting celebration with buddies who are mostly stone fans, you must go with local stone tribute bands to do the job.

Similarly you can look for local bands which are into psychedelic rock dance, acoustic, heavy metal, jazz music, pop, dance, etc. or other sort of songs that you like for your celebration. You can additionally locate local bands that play simply for specific type of occasions. That is why we locate wedding bands, company bands and so on, which master these occasions especially.

We could view lots of various sorts of wedding celebration bands nowadays, that can play any number from the 60’s to the newest smash hits funk music, to make sure that every person from the young people to the more mature, will have a wonderful time.hertfordshire dance bands

It is a fact that with a live band wedding parties become a grand affair and all the more extra special for the couple getting married. Be sure to know what the band might need at the place of performance and get the things ready for them so that logistically everything is in order.

Lastly, be sure to check with the venue if they have the right license to host live bands. Settle all the issues beforehand and enjoy a peaceful but great party which will surely become the talk of tinsel town in the days to follow.


dance band hire hertfordshire

An Amazing Wedding Party – A Live Band Will Make All The Difference!

When you are organizing a wedding party in your house, there are a lot to look after. And if you want to make the party some thing out of the ordinary, there is a lot of planning to be made. You can lay stress on the décor, the venue, the food and even on the profile of the guests. And you can lay stress on the quality of the music that is to be played. Along with other factors, music is equally important for the success of the party. So it is better that you do not choose the age old DJs but go for a wedding band. With a live band wedding parties are sure to become enjoyable and extra special.

With a live band wedding ceremonies can sure be changed from mundane to something special. Any professional wedding band knows how to lift the spirit of the guests and create the right mood. A band with some experience would just play the requests of the guests to hook them into the party and make them dance all night long. Not only will the party be successful, but the guests would remember it for years to come.

With the hiring of a live band wedding parties will be added with the glam factor. But you need the right band which can play all sorts of music. Since the wedding will include guests of all ages, it is necessary that the band can play Oldies from the ’50s to the newest pop hits in order to please the demands of the guests. Generally a professional wedding band does have these qualities and are therefore reliable.


When you are hiring a live band wedding parties do get richer music wise. The bands know how to make the wedding special to the guests as well as the newly weds. A good band will surely play the favorite love ballads of the bride and the groom during special moments. Such situations accompanied with the right music turns on the emotion among the guest. Even the newly weds cherish such situation as fond memories.

If it is a themed wedding party you are planning, do hire a wedding band. By having a live band wedding parties with themes turn out to be brilliant. The bands highlight the theme with their music and thus whatever the theme is, Arabian style or a beach wedding, the right music being blended with the theme, the affair becomes an extraordinary one.

It is a fact that if you are hiring a live band wedding parties are sure to be an affair to remember. But, hire a band carefully by seeing the videos of its past performances. See how well the bands sing, how much variety it can provide and which one suits you best. When you have hired the band, sit with them and make a play list. Brief the band what you want and let them programme the show accordingly.


funk bandshertfordshire

An important task on your part is to ask the band what they want at the venue. Speak to the venue and arrange these logistical items like parking space for the band, stage space, dance floor, power supply for their instruments etc.

Lastly, do check with the venue beforehand whether it has the license to host live bands or not. Moreover, one must also check out sound or time limits if any. Such logistical items should be sorted out earlier to avoid last moment rushes. All arrangements made well beforehand, sit back and enjoy the grand wedding party of the season.

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Hertfordshire is well-served with motorways and trains, providing great access to London. The biggest sector of the economy of the county remains in services.

Hertford, as soon as the primary market town for the medieval agricultural county, derives its name from a hart (stag) and a ford, used as the parts of the county’s coat of arms and flag. The county’s borders are approximately the watersheds of the Colne and Lea; both flowing to the south; each accompanied by a canal. Hertfordshire’s undeveloped land is much and mainly farming is safeguarded by green belt.

Hertfordshire (typically abbreviated Herts) is a county in southern England, surrounded by Bedfordshire to the north, Cambridgeshire to the north-east, Essex to the east, Buckinghamshire to the west and Greater London to the south. For government analytical purposes, it is put in the East of England area.

List of All the Towns in Hertfordshire we visit:- Ashwell, Baldock, Barnet, Berkhampstead, Bishop’s Stortford, Borehamwood, Bovingdon, Buntingford, Cheshunt, Chorleywood, Codicote, Cottered, Harpenden, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, Hitchin, Hoddesdon, Kimpton, Knebworth, Letchworth, London Colney, Nasty, Pirton, Potters Bar, Redbourn, Rickmansworth, Royston, Sawbridgeworth, Shenley, St Albans, Stevenage, Tring, Ware, Watford, Watton-at-Stone, Welwyn Garden City.

The county’s landmarks cover lots of centuries, ranging from the 6 Hills in the brand-new town of Stevenage developed by regional residents throughout the Roman period, to Leavesden Film Studios. Leavesden filmed much of the UK-based $7.7 Bn ticket office Harry Potter movie series and has the country’s studio tour. The volume of undamaged middle ages and Tudor structures surpasses London, in places in well-preserved conservation locations, particularly in St Albans that includes some remains of Verulamium, the town where in the 3rd century an early documented British martyrdom took location. Saint Alban, a Romano-British soldier, took the location of a Christian priest and was beheaded on Holywell Hill. His martyr’s cross of a yellow saltire on a blue background is shown in the flag and coat of arms of Hertfordshire.