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The Huge Advantage Of Hiring A Live Music Band For A Wedding

Do we hire a live band or a DJ for our wedding party reception in hertfordshire? Well, this is a common question among most couples torn between hiring a live band or DJ for their wedding reception. When this discussion comes up amongst couples, the best thing is to discuss the pros and cons of each and come up with the best solution for your wedding. In this article, we are going to put our focus on the advantages of hiring a live hertfordshire band and why we think it is the best option for your wedding.bands to hire for weddings hertfordshire

With the prevalence of DJs in the wedding industry, most couples are not utilizing the live musicians. However, there are several benefits as to why you must consider using a live band. Live bands are known to create an uplifting that is much better than just loud music in the background. Here are some of the advantages of using hertfordshire corporate music entertainment at a wedding reception.hiring a band hertfordshire

1) Memorable
The experience that live music entertainment hertfordshire brings is more emotional as your favorite song is played by a real live musician. The experience is very emotional providing the right atmosphere for the party. The experience of having your favorite songs played by top class professional live musical artists is a memory worth remembering. The live band makes the party more unique as they can twist the song around and a special mention to the couple on some lines.

2) Interactive
Live hertfordshire tribute acts will interact well with all your guests livening up the event and making it more enjoyable for everyone. You want your reception party to be the best with all guests entertained. The band members interact well with all friends and family members making the experience a wonderful one for everybody.best wedding band hertfordshire

3) Versatility
Live hertfordshire covers bands will bring all kinds of music to your party making it enjoyable to all members in attendance. Live bands can play jazz, funk, classic, blues, country, rock, gospel and several other genres of music. These are musicians who have trained on literally hundreds of songs for years and can add craft to it bringing put the best experiences for your wedding.corporate band hertfordshire

4) They have infectious energy to get people on the dance floor
Apart from being very interactive, function bands hertfordshire are very infectious in getting people to the dance floor. You want every person to your wedding party to be in a partying mood. There live bands are capable of doing exactly this by getting people from their seats to the dance floor. The few guests who can’t dance can even be forced to make a try as the atmosphere will be entertaining. Those who can’t dance can still enjoy watching the performances something parties with DJs cannot offer. This makes all members attending the party at ease and comfortable.

5) Unique personalities the make dramatic presentation
The unique personalities of each member in the hertfordshire wedding band make for a more dramatic presentation. The band has vocalists, guitarists, musicians all capable of doing something special to up the entertainment at your party.corporate entertainment hertfordshire


If you have a wedding coming up and cannot decide on the best entertainment for the reception party, then you now know what to do. Look for an excellent live bands from hertfordshire and be sure to receive the best live musical entertainment that will keep all your guests happy at all times.

Advantages Of Hiring A Live Music Band For A Spectacular Wedding

A wedding is a very important event in a person’s life and thus it should be planned to leave beautiful memories for both the couple and their invited guests. One of the things that will determine how much fun you have and the memories you hold on to at the end of the day, is the entertainment at the after party or the reception. The best form of entertainment that gets everyone at the wedding involved is usually weddings music hertfordshire and dance. Thus when planning your wedding, you should consider hiring a live music band to perform at your party.
live band in hertfordshire
One of the benefits of hiring a hertfordshire live band at the wedding party is that they lighten up the mood. Having a live band is usually more entertaining for most people than just listening to music from the player. Other than singing, the band usually interacts with the guests making them feel comfortable and even get your guests laughing out loud. And singers don’t just stay on stage. They will from time to time move to the audience and sing from there. The live music will be so much fun. Weddings should be emotional, and only this kind of entertainment will give it the emotion it deserves.
hertfordshire band wedding music
A live private party band hertfordshire will get you and your guests dancing. Most bands have members who are very energetic and know good dance moves. And dancing is so infectious. Within a few minutes of the performance, guests will be up enjoying the music and following the dance moves. Those who don’t like to dance will still keep themselves entertained by watching the rest dance. With good entertainment, the party will last longer. Friends and family will not be in a hurry to leave since they will be having so much fun.
hertfordshire cover band
Another reason you should consider a band for party hertfordshire is that they will help you in the choice of songs to play at the party. Choosing the right kind of music to play at a party can be quite a task if you don’t have the help of a professional. The band members will help you choose songs depending on what you like and the audience you are expecting. Most bands are very flexible on what to play and where. Thus you can even hire a band that is miles away from the location you are getting married. However you have to book early so that the they can prepare to get to the venue on time.

Having a live 70s soul bands hertfordshire at your wedding reception has so many advantages and thus it should be at the top of your list when you are planning your wedding. However, if you want the best entertainment, you have to do some research before hiring the band. You need to check on things things such as their reputation and past performances. Check reviews and feedback from people who have hired them before to see if they deliver customer needs. You also need to meet up with them and see whether they have limitations in regards to their playlists. Once you are satisfied then you can make your booking, relax and wait to have fun on your wedding.band for hertfordshire wedding

Motown bands hertfordshire

For live music entertainment in hertfordshire, the wedding ceremony would be a wonderful stage to highlight the band’s talents. Not only the band will have a the opportunity to perform in front of a wide audience but also there is the chance of meeting people, networking and of course earning a bit. You can always raise the sentiment of the listeners and make them have a good time so that they remember the wedding along with the band performance for days to come.

Nowadays, the trend among people is to make their wedding extra special and different from others. There is the personalized factor working even in weddings. So people tend to hire a funk soul band Hertfordshire to play songs, especially for the bride and the groom besides the full fledged entertainment of the guests. They may even choose a band they saw previously at a corporate party event or similar.

corporate party entertainment

For the live music bands wedding ceremonies are equally important performance-wise. The band can provide a wide array of musical numbers to a bevy of guests belonging to different age groups. It is necessary to perform oldies or newest chart toppers with the same ease so that the audience may swing with them.

It must be remembered when booking a hertfordshire live band is a place of performance where setting up the mood of the audience is a prime factor. The client should ask the band what he wants and it is the band’s duty to follow that theme. If the client wants background music behind the conversation of the guests, the band should do it professionally and if there is a dance floor and the client wants his guests to swing, the band has to play that sort of music.

Recently, there are a number of themed weddings. This is where the bands caliber is at stake. There must be coordination between the theme of the wedding and the song selection and song line up of the band. The performance should always tally with the theme to give it more life. If the theme is a beach party, reggae performances are expected while a themed wedding at a farmhouse will go along best with country numbers. The band should be dressed up to the theme and their performances should steer up the crowd in order to complement the theme.

Moreover, many a times, there are requests from the clients in the wedding to do some special dance. For the hertfordshire  party band could be challenging to perform those dances and the band should be prepared for it. The special moments when the bride is walking down the aisle or the groom kissing the bride should be backed up with tracks by the band that matches the situation. The emotion should flare up with the music.

These should be variations in the performance of a band in the wedding. A well rehearsed play list with varieties of songs from different decades is essential to have. Also, there can be requests to play popular tracks from the crowd and the band has to live up to these requests.

For hertfordshire live music bands, wedding ceremonies are events with opportunities to expose themselves, create an impression of their own, on the audience and it is a stepping stone towards a bright career building and go on to do massive corporate events.

Bands For Weddings Hertfordshire

If you want the band from hertfordshire you hire to be extra special so much so that your guests keep talking about it for the entire season and consider it as one of the most enjoyable wedding parties ever, then hire wedding bands to make this dream come true.

Hire wedding bands to play music and perform a wide variety of numbers so that friends and relatives belonging to all age groups enjoy. Starting from the ’60s to the popular songs, a live music band will have everything for everybody. It is they who will set the mood of your occasion, be it light music as a background for conversations or a full on dance session of the youngsters.

Get soul tribute bands in hertfordshire to give that special emotional touch to the most special day of your life. Playing particular music pieces in specific timings like when the bride is walking down the aisle, etc makes a wedding ceremony perfect and touching like a movie scene. Moreover, the band might also play songs which are linked to the couple’s love story making it extra special for them.

If you are having a themed wedding, then you must hire wedding bands to give life to your theme and make the event an awesome super hit that people are going to remember forever. Starting from themes like a beach wedding party or a season based e.g. fall wedding party or for that matter any theme that you choose for your special day, it will reach a new height altogether when music related to that specific theme will be played by a live band.

One should always go for the best hertfordshire soul tribute band after going through and interviewing various to select the one that caters to your specific requirements. That is, book hertfordshire wedding bands who are great in the kind of music that you want to play in your wedding.

Start by searching for hertfordshire wedding music bands on the net, yellow pages, by asking friends and family or even the venue or your wedding decorators who are bound to know a few. Then from the list, take time off to meet these people and talk to them regarding where they have played, what they are good at, the kind of music or genre they play and the like to see if your kind of music or genre fits in.

If you are depending on your net sources, search for ones who have a professional web page or social networking site page with videos, clippings and a lot of details. You can be sure that they are good at their jobs. Moreover, with the contact details, you can also call up the venues where they have already played to get an unbiased opinion regarding their performance.

It can be concluded that after you have short listed and chosen your wedding band from hertfordshire, take time off to sit with them regarding their logistical requirements, timings, charges, etc. Plan the list of songs or music pieces that you want them to perform on that day and their order and specific timings if any. More importantly check whether the venue has got a live music and dancing license at all and if yes then check for other logistical issues such as power supply, parking space for their instruments, stage for performance, sound limits if any, etc. so as to make all possible prior arrangements to make your wedding the most special day of your life and it will be with wedding entertainment hertfordshire.

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